lunes, 19 de agosto de 2019

Parkinson's disease reagents, epigenetic modifications poster, and counting cells using a hemocytometer

Tackling Parkinson’s
Complex research demands the best reagents. With MJFF, we’ve developed monoclonal antibodies against key Parkinson's targets like LRRK2 and RAB10.
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DNA and histone modifications
Get our new poster on DNA and histone modifications to help you brush up on your knowledge and make your mark in epigenetics research.
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Cell counting
Counting cells protocol
Discover how to accurately calculate the number of viable cells in your experiment in just six minutes.
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Calcium signaling poster
Find out about the key roles of calcium ions in the calcium signaling pathway in our poster, free to download.
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X-ChIP protocol
Find our full cross-linking ChIP (X-ChIP) protocol and top tips for your ChIP-seq and ChIP-qPCR analysis.
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Studying hallmarks of cancer
Find out the most relevant markers and tools to study the important processes that give rise to cancer cells.
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The changing landscape of diagnostic biomarkers
Why a one-biomarker-per-drug model is insufficient and the challenges for adopting multiple biomarkers for diagnostic tests.
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