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Viral Respiratory Tract Infections in Young CF Children Usually Mild, Study Found

Oct 14, 2019 07:01 am | Cystic Fibrosis News Moderator

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Viral respiratory tract infections in young children with cystic fibrosis tend to be mild and not require hospitalization, a study found. Read more here.
What do you think of this study and its findings?
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Oct 14, 2019 06:30 am | Jenny Livingston

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I recently collaborated with several people in the CF community to plan for a virtual event and as we got to know each other, I was fascinated by some of the diagnosis stories I heard!
Since both my older sisters also have CF, I was diagnosed at birth. But I’ve learned that so many people were diagnosed later in life (one woman I know was diagnosed at age 60!) or had to endure years of health issues and uncertainty until they were finally given a diagnosis of CF.
I’d love to hear how/when you or your loved one were diagnosed. 
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Pets and people with CF?

Oct 11, 2019 05:42 am | Jenny Livingston

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Something I find very interesting is the difference in opinion regarding pets and CF. There are certain well-known risks (for instance, birds are considered a huge “no-no”) but the potential risks involved in owning a variety of other pets are still up for debate.
One study found that, for people with CF, cat ownership was associated with an increased risk of developing nasal polyps. When analysis combined dogs and cats, pet owners were twice as likely to report wheezing compared to non-dog/cat owners. Those who exclusively owned dogs did not show an increase in symptoms.
I know many people (either adults with CF or parents of a child with CF) who choose not to have pets because of the potential risk of infectious or allergic issues. But on the flip side, I also know many who choose to have pets and have had no problems.
Personally, I’ve always had pets. I grew up riding horses, milking goats, feeding chickens, and being surrounded by dogs. Today, I own many pets including two dogs, a horse, some bunnies, and (until very recently) a hedgehog. Having animals in my life has always been something that brings me joy! The emotional benefit of having pets has been very positive, and pet ownership required a large amount of responsibility from a very early age which I consider a good thing.
I think a risk-benefit analysis is key when it comes to CF and pet ownership. For some, the risk may be too high while, for others, pets will always be part of their lives.
I’m curious, do you own pets? What risks/benefits do you think there are regarding pet ownership and CF? 
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Physical symptoms as a result of clinic anxiety?

Oct 11, 2019 04:57 am | Jenny Livingston

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I’ve begun noticing a pattern where I start feeling sick shortly before my clinic appointments. Sometimes, it’s stomach pain, other times I’ll think I’m at the beginning of an exacerbation. Yet, after clinic, those symptoms completely disappear! My working theory is that my clinic anxiety is manifesting itself through these physiological symptoms.
Do you get anxiety related to clinic appointments? Do you ever experience something like this?
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