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Is it time to rethink how much you drink?


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Is it time to rethink how much you drink?

Moderation in all things may be sound advice in many situations. But when it comes to drinking alcohol, you might want to reconsider that stance. For one thing, the evidence that moderate alcohol use is good for your heart is fairly weak. For another, many people have a poor grasp of what actually counts as "moderate" drinking. Finally, what constitutes a safe level of drinking can change over time, because alcohol affects your body differently as you age.
"In my experience, people's perceptions of what constitutes moderate drinking are not always accurate," says Dr. Monika Kolodziej, a psychologist who specializes in substance use disorders at Harvard-affiliated Mclean Hospital. People may stick to one or two daily drinks, but the actual volume of alcohol in their wine glass or tumbler is quite a bit more than they realize, she says.
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