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 #ALT#Why are approved and fully integrated therapeutics so far and few between?

Dedicated to discussing the actionable uses of digital therapeutics, join fellow leaders at the Clinically Validated DTx Summit in moving the conversation beyond the future-focused hype and radically improving patient outcomes.

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  KeysightSphere Fluidics and Peak Analysis and Automation introduce integrated micro-plate handling and single cell analysis capabilities
The addition of S-LAB to the Cyto-Mine provides researchers with a further streamlined solution for single cell analysis in biopharmaceutical workflows. The integrated system combines single cell screening, sorting, imaging, isolation and clone verification, and can process up to 40 million heterogenous mammalian cells in a few hours.
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   What is Psychedelic Microdosing?What is Psychedelic Microdosing?
Psychedelic microdosing is a practice that involves taking sub-threshold and sub-perceptual doses of psychedelic drugs such as psilocybin or N, N-dimethyltryptamine (DMT) in the pursuit of improving well-being and productivity. Sub-perceptual, in this case, refers to the fact that the effects of the drug are subtle but have an influence on some aspects of your cognition.
 Scientists discover role for vitamin D in melanoma
Scientists discover role for vitamin D in melanomaA new study published in Cancer Research suggests that high levels of vitamin D may reduce the aggressive nature of melanoma cells and improve survival rates.
 Antihistamine Side Effects: When to Stop Taking Allergy Medication
Antihistamine Side Effects: When to Stop Taking Allergy MedicationAllergies have gone up by 40% in recent years, and allergy medications are being used more often than ever before. There are various types of allergy drugs. Some are used to control acute attacks whereas others help prevent or alleviate the severity of allergic reactions.
 Cannabis could help in PTSD
Cannabis could help in PTSDA new study from Canada, published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology, suggests that many people with PTSD may be getting help with their condition from the use of cannabis. For the first time ever, this research documents how cannabis use is related both to PTSD and to mental health outcomes in the general population.
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