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Relieve the shooting, burning pain of sciatica

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Relieve the shooting,
burning pain of sciatica

...and prevent a future attack

Finding Relief for Sciatica
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What causes sciatica?
Are you at risk?
At-home remedies and self-care strategies
Should you see a doctor?
Doctors’ top sciatica treatments
Sciatica prevention
And more from the experts at Harvard Medical School, America’s #1 medical school for research as ranked by U.S. News and World Report.
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There’s a common misunderstanding about sciatic nerve pain—that excruciating burning, shooting, tingling pain that travels from your buttock, down your leg to your foot and toes.
Contrary to popular belief, sciatic nerve pain doesn’t usually strike because of an injury to the sciatic nerve itself. Rather, it’s caused by nerves in your spine.
Armed with this knowledge and the powerful, expert advice revealed in Finding Relief for Sciatica, you’ll be better able to relieve your pain and prevent a repeat performance.
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Finding Relief for Sciatica is the convenient, one-stop online source for the answers you need to claim victory over this painful condition. For example:
What are the causes of sciatica? Most sciatic nerve pain is caused by inflammation of the spinal nerve roots in your lower back. Crystal clear illustrations help you visualize the causes of sciatic pain so you can more confidently apply proven remedies.
What home remedies work best to ease the pain? Take your pick! Finding Relief for Sciatica reveals hot and cold remedies...simple exercises that allow the nerve to heal...tension-relieving techniques that promote healing...and more.
Is it necessary to see a doctor? Not always. Discover the 7 warning signs that should signal a trip to the doctor...and when you should seek emergency care.
What medical treatments are available? Plenty. Finding Relief for Sciatica is your authoritative guide to medications that work best...healing physical therapy treatments...simple exercises that can heal sciatica and reduce future risk of injury....and more.
The good news is that the vast majority of people who have sciatica will get better with simple remedies. With Finding Relief for Sciatica as your guide, chances are also good that with careful attention, treatment, and preventive steps, you’ll be able to keep it from coming back.
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