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MercatorNet: More traditional gender roles, more sex By Nicole M. King || MercatorNet

ASEAN conferences are usually ho-hum affairs from a journalist’s point of view – lots of worthy speeches, vague promises and group photos. But the new President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, certainly livened up this year’s confab in Laos when he called US President Barack Obama a putang ina, a Tagalog term meaning “son of a whore”. If it’s any consolation to Mr Obama, Mr Duterte used the same term of endearment for Pope Francis. Mr Obama cancelled a meeting with his opposite number.
It’s not the kind of publicity the Philippines needs, writes Tom Smith below. But why is the US so indignant about a few expletives when it has ignored human rights abuses and corruption? Wasn’t Mr Duterte’s promise on Monday to eat terrorists alive with salt and vinegar even worse? It’s a very interesting defence of a colourful leader.

Michael Cook 

Duterte’s Obama insult was shameful – but the West has turned a blind eye to much, much worse
By Tom Smith
Why is the Philippines only noticed in time of disaster?
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More traditional gender roles, more sex
By Nicole M. King
Swedes are having less sex, according to a recent report. A study suggests one reason.
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Mind the Gap: the decline of marriage in Ireland
By David Quinn
As elsewhere, the rich are getting married and the unmarried are getting poorer.
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Will IVF change human history?
By Michael Cook
Scientists are beginning to realise that IVF could be a time-bomb
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Technical education is a hard sell in Kenya
By Mathew Otieno
A new project seeks to end poverty by bootstrapping slum dwellers
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Is bioscience spinning its wheels?
By Karl D. Stephan
Perhaps American scientists need to work more in teams, rather than as isolated geniuses
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