martes, 30 de octubre de 2018

Treating delirium | Gum disease | Anthrax and plague vaccine

October 30, 2018 Edition

Nurse monitoring patient’s vitals

Antipsychotics not helpful for delirium in ICU

A study suggests that the common practice of prescribing antipsychotic drugs to treat delirium in intensive care units may need to be reassessed.

Healthy gum tissue

Immune culprits linked to inflammation and bone loss in gum disease

Researchers identified specific immune cells that, when triggered by bacteria, drive gum disease. The findings reveal potential treatment targets.

Antigens on T4 phage capsid

Vaccine protects animals against anthrax and plague

Scientists engineered a vaccine that protects animals from both anthrax and plague. After more development and testing, the approach could be used to combat public health threats.

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