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Increase muscle power. Build bone. Fight disease, and more

Harvard Health Publications
Harvard Health Publications

Increase muscle power. Build bone. Fight disease and more with these strength training workouts for all ages!

Strength and Power Training
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Your Special Health Report includes:
Basic Workout with 10 strength-training exercises
Resistance Band Workout with 11 exercises that target all your major muscles, including abs and inner and outer thighs
Medicine Ball Workout with 8 power moves
Kettle Bell Workout with 8 moves that combine strength, power training, and cardio into one workout
More than 130 detailed, how-to photos
More than 100 tips and techniques to help you do each move correctly
2 Special Bonus Sections — Plyometrics and Stretching exercises — at no extra cost!
If you're like most people, when you think of exercise you think of fast-paced aerobic routines. Cardio workouts are important. But if that’s the only type of exercise you do, then you could be missing out on the big benefits of strength and power training. These exercises help improve your fitness level in ways that aerobics just can’t deliver. What’s more, strengthening your muscles helps slow bone loss, improves balance, and can help control conditions such as back pain, heart disease, arthritis, type 2 diabetes, and many more.
That’s why Harvard Medical School experts created Strength and Power Training for All Ages. In this special report, you’ll get 4 total body workouts that work all your key muscles, plus you’ll get 2 Special Bonus Sections at no extra cost.
Send for your copy of Strength and Power Training for All Ages today and discover:
  • How to fight aching joints as you age
  • How power training can actually help prevent falls
  • The types of exercises that help to build bones
  • How to help ease the pain of osteoarthritis and improve your range of motion
  • Why these moves can help prevent or control type 2 diabetes
  • And so much more.
You’ll get a total of 4 complete workouts with photos and tips to help ensure you’re doing each move correctly. Plus, you’ll get options to make the moves easier or harder so you can customize them to your fitness level.
And when you send for your copy of Strength and Power Training today, you’ll also get 2 Special Bonus Sections — Plyometrics and Stretching exercises — at no extra cost.
Don’t miss out! Click here to get your copy of Strength and Power Training for All Agestoday with this special savings offer. There’s no risk. Order now!
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Howard E. LeWine, M.D.
Chief Medical Editor, Harvard Health Publishing
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