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Findings from LRRK2 Drug Trial Mark Milestone Moment | FoxFlash October 2018

"Forbes" Story Highlights Promising Trial Results and the History of LRRK2
Denali Therapeutics presented new data from its first-in-human LRRK2 trial at the Foundation's annual scientific conference last week. "Forbes" details this "milestone moment" in LRRK2 drug development and the critical point when the "Fox Foundation stepped in" to advance this leading target.
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Research Year in Review and Look Ahead
Hear expert discussion and ask your questions in our Third Thursdays Webinar series.
November 15, 2018 at 12 p.m. ET
Start-Up Biotech Company Will Develop Pfizer's Parkinson's Drug
With the creation of a new biotechnology company, Cerevel Therapeutics, several drug programs from Pfizer's neurosciences program, which closed earlier this year, will get another chance at success.
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Alan Alda and Michael J. Fox
Coming Soon: Alan Alda Hosts Michael J. Fox for an Exclusive Conversation
In an upcoming episode of his "Clear + Vivid" podcast, Alan Alda -- who recently disclosed he has Parkinson's -- chats with Michael J. Fox about their individual experiences with the disease, research participation and more.
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Two New Parkinson's Drugs Approaching Market
In January 2019, the FDA is expected to rule on two new drug formulations with potential to alleviate "off" episodes. MJFF funded both in early development.
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Apply for Free Liftware Stabilizing Spoon
Through the Uplift Program, eligible individuals will receive the computerized handle and eating attachments designed to make meals easier for those with hand tremor.
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Fox Insight
Let Your Voice be Heard
Hearing from the Parkinson's community can help speed better treatments for the disease. Participate in Fox Insight from your computer, tablet or cell phone.
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