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Predicting dementia | Spinal cord repair | Replacing retinal cells

January 29, 2019 Edition

Female nurse preparing a mature patient for an MRI Scan

Blood-brain barrier test may predict dementia

A new study suggests that measuring the breakdown of the blood-brain barrier could be an early way to test for cognitive impairment from Alzheimer’s disease and other causes.

Section of 3D-printed scaffold

Printed scaffolds promote spinal cord repair in rats

Researchers used 3D printing technology to create a scaffold that helped promote the growth of new nerve cells in rats and restore some limb movement after spinal cord injury.

Polarized RPE monolayer on biodegradable scaffold

Patch replaces damaged retinal cells

Scientists developed a biodegradable patch for replacing diseased cells in the eye with healthy ones. The findings provide the basis for preliminary safety tests of the method in people.

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