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COVID-19 or something else? - Harvard Health

COVID-19 or something else? - Harvard Health


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COVID-19 or something else?

Before 2020, you might not have worried much about a tickle in your throat or a little tightness in your chest. But that's changed. Now even slight signs of a respiratory bug might make you wonder if it's the start of COVID-19, the illness that has become a pandemic. How do you distinguish one illness from another? It's complicated.
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COVID-19, Flu, and Colds
Any given year, we’ll collectively come down with one billion colds and up to 45 million cases of flu, while the number of new cases of COVID-19 keeps rising. In this guide, you will learn how to avoid getting any of these three viral infections, and, if you do get sick, what you can do to feel better. You’ll also learn when your condition is serious enough to call a doctor. The report also provides specific information about high-risk groups for whom COVID and the flu can be very serious.

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COVID-19, Flu, and Colds

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COVID-19, Flu, and Colds

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