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All About Gout - Harvard Health

All About Gout - Harvard Health

Harvard Health Publishing

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STOP the Burning Pain of GOUT

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All About Gout
In All About Gout you’ll discover:
What causes gout?
Gout attack triggers
Tests used to diagnose gout
Disorders with similar symptoms
Preventing future gout attacks
Foods to limit or avoid and other lifestyle changes

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If you have ever suffered from a gout attack, you know it“s not something you“ll ever forget...and that you certainly don“t want a repeat performance!
Your toe, ankle or knee is swollen and it feels like it“s on fire. And the pain is so intense, it“s almost impossible to move around.
What can you do?
Turn to All About Gout — the authoritative online guide from the experts at Harvard Medical School. You“ll quickly find out what causes gout...what triggers lead to an attack...and most importantly, what treatments doctors recommend to help relieve pain and prevent it from coming back.
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Step-by-step, All About Gout answers your need-to-know questions about this painful arthritis-related condition you wouldn“t wish on anyone. For example...
“What causes gout?” Uric acid is your enemy. Its needle-shaped crystals are the root cause of the inflammation, redness and pain. In All About Gout, you“ll learn more about this naturally-occurring substance and how you can help keep it within safer levels.
“What role does food play?” Certain foods and alcohol may increase your risk of gout. But there are also foods that may decrease your risk. See All About Gout for important details.
“Are there risk factors I can avoid?” Yes! High blood pressure and certain medications can increase your risk of a gout attack. But there are other factors, too. Be sure to see All About Gout for practical advice you can apply right away.
“Are there specific gout triggers?” Watch out for anything that causes changes in uric acid — up or down. Binge-drinking alcohol (especially beer) could set off an attack. All About Gout reveals the other triggers you must know about.
“Is it gout...or pseudo gout?” Surprisingly, six other types of arthritis have symptoms similar to gout. To be confident about getting the right treatment, see All About Gout to make sure you get the right diagnosis.
What treatments do experts recommend to help treat and prevent a gout attack? Click here for details...
Thankfully, there IS help for treating and preventing excruciating gout attacks. Click here now for details about your treatment options in All About Gout.
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To your good health,
Howard E. LeWine, M.D.
Chief Medical Editor, Harvard Health Publishing

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