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MercatorNet: 7 reasons why Australia needs a plebiscite on same-sex marriage | MercatorNet

Australia is the only English-speaking Western country where same-sex marriage is not legal. Not by virtue of an administrative oversight, for it is hugely controversial, but because its opponents have managed to postpone a decision. The last chance of stopping it is probably a plebiscite, as the electorate is not strongly in favour of redefining marriage. However, supporters are pushing strongly to settle the matter with a show of hands in Federal Parliament. Below I present a few arguments for a plebiscite

Michael Cook 

7 reasons why Australia needs a plebiscite on same-sex marriage

By Michael Cook
Democratic politics is all about debating controversial ideas

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Ben-Hur: why classical movies are no longer truly epic

By Amanda Potter
We should look to science fiction for today's epics, rather than films set in the ancient world.

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Getting America onto the right track

By Carolyn Moynihan
A few things have improved, says a Heritage report, but the moral ecology is fragile.

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Let’s treat porn as the public health hazard it is

By Cordelia Anderson
Brain science is strengthening the case for a new approach.

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Muhammad and the believers: At the Origins of Islam

By Martino Diez
Before there was Islam and Muslims there was an ecumenical movement

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Youth unemployment high worldwide

By Marcus Roberts
What does it mean for the future of our societies and workforce?

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Magical village discovered by local children

By Jennifer Minicus
Even the neighborhood trolls couldn't find it...until now

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How the Islamic State recruits and coerces children

By Mia Bloom
ISIS recruits children as "Cubs of the Caliphate"

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