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National Cancer Moonshot Initiative - Updates from the NCI

National Cancer Moonshot Initiative - Updates from the NCI

National Cancer Institute

National Cancer Moonshot Initiative
Updates from the National Cancer Institute
Moonshot / research with slide How to Advance Progress Against Cancer: We Asked and You Delivered

This Medium story by Dinah Singer, Ph.D., director of NCI's Division of Cancer Biology, discusses the 1,600+ ideas and comments received from the public and cancer experts when the Cancer Moonshot's Blue Ribbon Panel asked for ideas on priority research areas, along with next steps for the initiative.
VP Biden and panel Inspiration and Progress: Our National Commitment to Defeat Cancer

An editorial in Coping with Cancer by Acting NCI Director Doug Lowy, M.D., describing the aims of the Cancer Moonshot, the work of the Blue Ribbon Panel, and the sense of opportunity and commitment that the initiative has inspired.
VP Biden at moonshot summit The Cancer Moonshot Summit: Reaching New Heights

An NCI Cancer Currents blog post by Dr. Lowy, recapping the Cancer Moonshot Summit held in Washington, D.C., on June 29.
Clinical Trials Ideas Making Clinical Trials Information More Accessible

Medium story by Warren Kibbe, Ph.D., director of NCI's Center for Biomedical Informatics and Information Technology, and Presidential Innovation Fellow Alexandra Pelletier about redesigning how patients and oncologists find and understand information about cancer clinical trials. Share your ideas at

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