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MercatorNet: Marriage and men. Generation Snowflake. Taiwan's birth dearth. | MercatorNet

I don't think there is any academic in the United States - or elsewhere - writing more common sense about marriage than W. Bradford Wilcox, a sociology professor at the University of Virginia (among other things). Today we have run an article that he wrotefor The Family in America, the journal of The Howard Center for Family, Religion & Society (another great source of common sense, by the way).
In it he explains why the decline of marriage has been particularly bad for men, and he proposes steps we can take as communities and societies to encourage marriage again, for everyone's benefit.
Men have had a bad rap in recent decades and it's time to pay them some positive attention. You can't do better than read what Brad Wilcox has to say.

Carolyn Moynihan
Deputy Editor,

Marriage makes men better: the economic benefits of settling down
By W. Bradford Wilcox
Public policy can't afford to ignore the real benefits of marriage.
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Understanding Generation Snowflake: ‘I Find That Offensive!’
By Carl R. Trueman
A new book examines the origins of our fragile campus culture.
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Jihadism: the last totalitarianism of the twentieth century
By Chiara Pellegrino
Jihadism is quite different from revolutionary terrorism, says a French author.
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Taiwan’s imminent population decline
By Marcus Roberts
Another country to add to the list.
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‘We’re gonna be in the Hudson’
By Paul Salmon, Nicholas Stevens and Eryn Grant
Why the ‘Miracle on the Hudson’ in Clint Eastwood's new movie 'Sully' was no crash landing
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Are video games killing work for young men?
By Carolyn Moynihan
Lower-skilled men in their 20s increased leisure time by four hours a week in the last 15 years.
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The bleak story of Israel’s Yemenite children
By Michael Cook
The government is investigating a scandal about kidnapped babies
Read the full article

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