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6-Week Plan for Healthy Eating Ecourse - Harvard Health

6-Week Plan for Healthy Eating Ecourse - Harvard Health

Harvard Health Publishing

You’re Just 6 Weeks from a
Healthier New YOU!

Learn anytime, anywhere!
You can access your 6-Week Plan for Healthy Eating course whenever it’s convenient for you from your smartphone, laptop, tablet, or desktop computer. Easy login and simple-to-navigate screens make this online course perfect for adults of all ages.
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Although messages about diet and nutrition are everywhere these days, it isn’t always easy to eat right and choose the healthiest foods. Now, in this interactive and informative online course from Harvard Medical School you’ll get a simple, easy-to-follow plan that will help you get healthier in just 6 weeks.
Through engaging videos, interactive slides, downloadable charts, and challenging quizzes, you’ll see how to help your health with food. You’ll learn which meals can help to reduce your risk of high cholesterol and may even help improve your memory. Quick tips for choosing the healthiest breakfast cereal, making a yummy, yet healthy sandwich, and a simple trick that helps make sure you don’t overeat at dinner.
Week by week, meal by meal, you’ll uncover the proven ways to fuel your body for better health.
Learning online is a fun, fascinating way to understand new information.
In this course, you’ll love discovering:
  • The zero-calorie alternative to snacking
  • Tips to help you overcome high-calorie snacking, sweet cravings, and fast food meals
  • A quick test to see if you need to drop a few pounds
  • The simple way you could lose twice as much weight as other people
  • How to automatically eat foods with the right amount of nutrients and fiber
  • A trick to make prepared meals healthier — they can even help lower the cost of the meal
  • And more!
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This research-based plan helps you improve your health and well-being by eating right and moving more.
You’ll get everything you need to succeed, including:
  • Week-by-week meal makeovers
  • Food and exercise diaries that help you stay on track
  • Tips for setting goals you can achieve
  • Smart snack ideas
  • Weight loss secrets
  • 62 delicious meal ideas and recipes
Follow this simple plan and you’ll reduce your risk of chronic disease. In fact, men and women whose diets closely followed the plan cut their risk of heart disease by 33% or more.
Don’t miss out. Be on your way to better health with Harvard Health Publishing’s NEW online course: 6-Week Plan for Healthy Eating!
Enjoy learning anytime, anywhere!
Harvard Health Publishing’s 6-Week Plan for Healthy Eating online course let’s you:
  • Learn from top health and nutrition experts at your convenience
  • Watch, pause, and watch again as often as you want — whenever you want
  • Easily skip to slides and sections that interest you most
  • Course never expires — it’s always available
  • Includes downloadable charts, quizzes, food diaries, worksheets, and more!
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