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Family Health History During Pregnancy | CDC

Family Health History During Pregnancy | CDC

January is Birth Defects Prevention Month
Join the nationwide effort to raise awareness of birth defects,their causes, and their impact! 
Find out why family health history is important in 
planning for andduring pregnancy. 
Search PHGKB for the latest information and publications on the role of genomics in specific birth defects.

Family Health History During Pregnancy

Expecting a baby? You might be wondering whether your baby will have mommy’s eyes or daddy’s dimples. But your baby will inherit much more than that. Learn about both parents’ family health history to give your baby the best start possible. If either of you have a family health history of a birth defectdevelopmental disabilitynewborn screening disorder, or genetic disease, your baby might be more likely to have this condition. Knowing if your baby is more likely to have one of these conditions is important so that you can find and address potential health problems early.

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