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Journal of Translational Medicine | Translational imaging

Journal of Translational Medicine | Translational imaging

Translational imaging

Section edited by Ravinder Reddy
The Translational Imaging section provides a platform for rapid dissemination of the advances in medical imaging research emphasizing clinical translation. The topics covered in this section will include methodological innovations in early diagnoses of human diseases and monitoring of therapeutic responses from all the major imaging modalities (MRI, PET, US etc.,). Articles considered for publication include studies in human subjects, pre-clinical models and ex vivo systems dealing with imaging of human pathophysiologies.
  1. Content Type:Research

    Gene transfer to malignant sites using human adenoviruses (hAds) has been limited because of their immunogenic nature and host specificity. Murine cells often lack some of the receptors needed for hAds attachm...
    Authors:Flavia De Carlo, Litty Thomas, Bell Brooke, Elliot T. Varney, Rounak Nande, Olivia Boskovic, Gailen D. Marshall, Pier Paolo Claudio and Candace M. Howard
    Citation:Journal of Translational Medicine 2019 17:19
    Published on: 
  2. Content Type:Research

    Breast cancer surgeons struggle with differentiating healthy tissue from cancer at the resection margin during surgery. We report on the feasibility of using diffuse reflectance spectroscopy (DRS) for real-tim...
    Authors:Lisanne L. de Boer, Torre M. Bydlon, Frederieke van Duijnhoven, Marie-Jeanne T. F. D. Vranken Peeters, Claudette E. Loo, Gonneke A. O. Winter-Warnars, Joyce Sanders, Henricus J. C. M. Sterenborg, Benno H. W. Hendriks and Theo J. M. Ruers
    Citation:Journal of Translational Medicine 2018 16:367
    Published on: 
  3. Content Type:Research

    The human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2) involved proliferation, angiogenesis, and reduced apoptosis in gastric cancer (GC), which is a common target for tumor therapy. HER2 is usually overexpressed...
    Authors:Siao-Syun Guan, Cheng-Tien Wu, Chen-Yuan Chiu, Tsai-Yueh Luo, Jeng-Yih Wu, Tse-Zung Liao and Shing-Hwa Liu
    Citation:Journal of Translational Medicine 2018 16:168
    Published on: 
  4. Content Type:Research

    Surgical resection remains the mainstay of curative treatment for intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma (ICC). Prognosis after surgery is unsatisfactory despite improvements in treatment and post-operative clinical ...
    Authors:Yoshinobu Ikeno, Satoru Seo, Keiko Iwaisako, Tomoaki Yoh, Yuji Nakamoto, Hiroaki Fuji, Kojiro Taura, Hideaki Okajima, Toshimi Kaido, Shimon Sakaguchi and Shinji Uemoto
    Citation:Journal of Translational Medicine 2018 16:95
    Published on: 
  5. Content Type:Methodology

    Magnetic resonance is a major preclinical and clinical imaging modality ideally suited for longitudinal studies, e.g. in pharmacological developments. The lack of a proven platform that maintains an identical ...
    Authors:Jörg Felder, A. Avdo Celik, Chang-Hoon Choi, Stefan Schwan and N. Jon Shah
    Citation:Journal of Translational Medicine 2017 15:264
    Published on: 
  6. Content Type:Research

    Systemic amyloidoses comprise diseases characterized by the deposition of proteinaceous material known as amyloid. Currently, without performing multiple biopsies, there is no way to ascertain the extent of am...
    Authors:Emily B. Martin, Angela Williams, Tina Richey, Craig Wooliver, Alan Stuckey, James S. Foster, Stephen J. Kennel and Jonathan S. Wall
    Citation:Journal of Translational Medicine 2017 15:247
    Published on: 
  7. Content Type:Research

    Asthma is a multifactorial disease for which a variety of mouse models have been developed. A major drawback of these models is represented by the transient nature of the airway pathology peaking 24–72 h after...
    Authors:Fabio Stellari, Angelo Sala, Francesca Ruscitti, Chiara Carnini, Prisco Mirandola, Marco Vitale, Maurizio Civelli and Gino Villetti
    Citation:Journal of Translational Medicine 2015 13:336
    Published on: 
  8. Content Type:Research

    Acute-on-chronic liver failure (ACLF) is a form of liver disease with high short-term mortality. ACLF offers considerable potential to affect the cortical areas by significant tissue injury due to loss of neur...
    Authors:Santosh K. Yadav, Rakesh K. Gupta, Vivek A. Saraswat, Murali Rangan, Michael A. Thomas, Sergio Rutella, Silvio Danese, Ena Wang, Francesco M. Marincola and Mohammad Haris
    Citation:Journal of Translational Medicine 2015 13:322
    Published on: 
  9. Content Type:Research

    A real-time objective evaluation for the extent of liver steatosis during liver transplantation is currently not available. Diffuse reflectance spectroscopy (DRS) rapidly and accurately assesses the extent of...
    Authors:Andrie C. Westerkamp, Vishnu V. Pully, Golnar Karimian, Fernanda Bomfati, Zwanida J. Veldhuis, Janneke Wiersema-Buist, Benno H. W. Hendriks, Ton Lisman and Robert J. Porte
    Citation:Journal of Translational Medicine 2015 13:309
    Published on: 
  10. Content Type:Research

    Liver fibrosis is a public health problem worldwide. There is a need of noninvasive imaging based methods for better diagnosis of this disease. In the current study, we aim to evaluate the potential of T1ρ MRI...
    Authors:Anup Singh, Damodar Reddy, Mohammad Haris, Kejia Cai, K. Rajender Reddy, Hari Hariharan and Ravinder Reddy
    Citation:Journal of Translational Medicine 2015 13:292
    Published on: 
  11. Content Type:Methodology

    To acquire the most meaningful understanding of human arthritis, it is essential to select the disease model and methodology translatable to human conditions. The primary objective of this study was to evaluat...
    Authors:Cedo M. Bagi, David E. Zakur, Edwin Berryman, Catharine J. Andresen and Dean Wilkie
    Citation:Journal of Translational Medicine 2015 13:276
    Published on: 
  12. Content Type:Research

    Chronic inflammation of the airways is a central component in lung diseases and is frequently associated with bacterial infections. Monitoring the pro-inflammatory capability of bacterial virulence factors in ...
    Authors:Fabio Stellari, Gabriella Bergamini, Angela Sandri, Gaetano Donofrio, Claudio Sorio, Francesca Ruscitti, Gino Villetti, Barouk M Assael, Paola Melotti and Maria M Lleo
    Citation:Journal of Translational Medicine 2015 13:251
    Published on: 

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