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Journal of Translational Medicine | Immunovirology

Journal of Translational Medicine | Immunovirology


Section edited by Luigi Buonaguro
The Immunovirology section focuses on translational research related to virology and immunity to virus-based diseases, with a particular interest in human oncogenic viruses.
Studies focused on the role of innate, as well as adaptive, immunity in the establishment, containment and/or progression of viral infections up to cancer, including vaccine and adjuvanting strategies, will be considered for publication. Classic immunology as well as more recent, less established "omics" approaches (genomics, proteomics, immunogenomics, pharmacogenomics) will also be considered.
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  1. Content Type:Research

    Infection with the hepatitis B virus (HBV) is an independent risk factor for liver cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma, polymorphisms in HLA-DQB1 play an important role in HBV infections.
    Authors:Guojin Ou, Haixia Xu, Hao Yu, Xiao Liu, Liu Yang, Xin Ji, Jue Wang and Zhong Liu
    Citation:Journal of Translational Medicine 2018 16:362
    Published on: 
  2. Content Type:Research

    The mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) seems to influence in a large number of diseases, including HIV infection. Moreover, there is a substantial inter-individual variability in the CD4+ recovery in HIV-infected patie...
    Authors:Luz M. Medrano, Mónica Gutiérrez-Rivas, Julià Blanco, Marcial García, María A. Jiménez-Sousa, Yolanda M. Pacheco, Marta Montero, José Antonio Iribarren, Enrique Bernal, Onofre Juan Martínez, José M. Benito, Norma Rallón and Salvador Resino
    Citation:Journal of Translational Medicine 2018 16:343
    Published on: 
  3. Content Type:Research

    Chikungunya virus (CHIKV), causes massive outbreaks of chikungunya infection in several regions of Asia, Africa and Central/South America. Being positive sense RNA virus, CHIKV replication within the host resu...
    Authors:Muhammad Tahir ul Qamar, Amna Bari, Muhammad Muzammal Adeel, Arooma Maryam, Usman Ali Ashfaq, Xiaoyong Du, Iqra Muneer, Hafiz Ishfaq Ahmad and Jia Wang
    Citation:Journal of Translational Medicine 2018 16:298
    Published on: 
  4. Content Type:Research

    Subclinical mastitis (SCM) is relatively common in lactating women and may be associated with HIV shedding in breast milk. The potential association between HIV infection and breast milk immunologic factors an...
    Authors:Roxane Schaub, Stéphanie Badiou, Johannes Viljoen, Pierre Dujols, Karine Bolloré, Philippe Van de Perre, Marie-Louise Newell, Ruth Bland, Nicolas Nagot and Edouard Tuaillon
    Citation:Journal of Translational Medicine 2018 16:296
    Published on: 
  5. Content Type:Research

    A novel prediction algorithm is needed for the identification of effective tumor associated mutated neoantigens. Only those with no homology to self wild type antigens are true predicted neoantigens (TPNAs) an...
    Authors:Annacarmen Petrizzo, Maria Tagliamonte, Angela Mauriello, Valerio Costa, Marianna Aprile, Roberta Esposito, Andrea Caporale, Antonio Luciano, Claudio Arra, Maria Lina Tornesello, Franco M. Buonaguro and Luigi Buonaguro
    Citation:Journal of Translational Medicine 2018 16:286
    Published on: 
  6. Content Type:Research

    Maraviroc-containing combined antiretroviral therapy (MVC-cART) improved the response to the hepatitis B virus (HBV) vaccine in HIV-infected subjects younger than 50 years old. We aimed here to explore the eff...
    Authors:Inés Herrero-Fernández, Isaac Rosado-Sánchez, Miguel Genebat, Laura Tarancón-Díez, María Mar Rodríguez-Méndez, María Mar Pozo-Balado, Carmen Lozano, Ezequiel Ruiz-Mateos, Manuel Leal and Yolanda M. Pacheco
    Citation:Journal of Translational Medicine 2018 16:238
    Published on: 
  7. Content Type:Research

    Mass cytometry, or CyTOF (Cytometry by Time-of-Flight), permits the simultaneous detection of over 40 phenotypic and functional immune markers in individual cells without the issues of spectral overlap seen in...
    Authors:Christine M. D. Lingblom, Sangeeta Kowli, Nithya Swaminathan, Holden T. Maecker and Stacie L. Lambert
    Citation:Journal of Translational Medicine 2018 16:153
    Published on: 
  8. Content Type:Research

    The etiopathology of multiple sclerosis (MS) is believed to include genetic and environmental factors. Human leukocyte antigen (HLA) alleles, in particular,  are associated with disease susceptibility, whereas...
    Authors:Simone Agostini, Roberta Mancuso, Franca R. Guerini, Sandra D’Alfonso, Cristina Agliardi, Ambra Hernis, Milena Zanzottera, Nadia Barizzone, Maurizio A. Leone, Domenico Caputo, Marco Rovaris and Mario Clerici
    Citation:Journal of Translational Medicine 2018 16:80
    Published on: 
  9. Content Type:Research

    NRTIs-sparing regimens exert favourable profiles on T-cell homeostasis associated parameters. Our aim was to analyze the effect of NRTIs sparing regimen (NRTI-sparing-cART) vs NRTIs-containing regimen (NRTI-cA...
    Authors:A. Gonzalez-Serna, S. Ferrando-Martinez, L. Tarancon-Diez, R. S. De Pablo-Bernal, B. Dominguez-Molina, J. L. Jiménez, M. Á. Muñoz-Fernández, M. Leal and E. Ruiz-Mateos
    Citation:Journal of Translational Medicine 2017 15:259
    Published on: 
  10. Content Type:Research

    Anemia is frequent during HIV infection and is predictive of mortality. Although cART has demonstrated to reduce its prevalence, several patients still experience unresolved anemia. We aimed to characterize ir...
    Authors:Eugenia Quiros-Roldan, Francesco Castelli, Paola Lanza, Chiara Pezzoli, Marika Vezzoli, Giorgio Biasiotto and Isabella Zanella
    Citation:Journal of Translational Medicine 2017 15:256
    Published on: 
  11. Content Type:Research

    There is limited information on innate immunity, especially natural killer (NK) cell function, in different chronic hepatitis B (CHB) stages. Therefore, we examined whether the clinical staging strategy accura...
    Authors:Xiaoyan Li, Liang Zhou, Lin Gu, Yurong Gu, Lubiao Chen, Yifan Lian and Yuehua Huang
    Citation:Journal of Translational Medicine 2017 15:220
    Published on: 
  12. Content Type:Research

    A major obstacle for the development of HIV vaccines is the virus’ worldwide sequence diversity. Nevertheless, the presence of T cell epitopes within conserved regions of the virus’ structural Gag protein and ...
    Authors:Anne-Marie Carola Andersson and Peter Johannes Holst
    Citation:Journal of Translational Medicine 2016 14:343
    Published on: 
  13. Content Type:Research

    The new microcapillary and fluorescence-based EC IVD-qualified Muse™ Auto CD4/CD4% single-platform assay (EMD Millipore Corporation, Merck Life Sciences, KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany) for CD4 T cell numeration in ...
    Authors:Christian Diamant Mossoro-Kpinde, André Kouabosso, Ralph-Sydney Mboumba Bouassa, Jean De Dieu Longo, Edouard Kokanzo, Rosine Féissona, Gérard Grésenguet and Laurent Bélec
    Citation:Journal of Translational Medicine 2016 14:326
    Published on: 
  14. Content Type:Research

    Ebola virus (EBOV) is a Category A pathogen that is a member of Filoviridae family that causes hemorrhagic fever in humans and non-human primates. Unpredictable and devastating outbreaks of disease have recently ...
    Authors:Alfonso Rosamilia, Sarah Jacca, Giulia Tebaldi, Silvia Tiberti, Valentina Franceschi, Francesca Macchi, Sandro Cavirani, Gary Kobinger, Donald P. Knowles and Gaetano Donofrio
    Citation:Journal of Translational Medicine 2016 14:325
    Published on: 
  15. Content Type:Research

    Many investigators detected the simian polyomavirus SV40 footprints in human brain tumors and neurologic diseases and recently it has been indicated that SV40 seems to be associated with multiple sclerosis (MS...
    Authors:Roberta Rizzo, Silvia Pietrobon, Elisa Mazzoni, Daria Bortolotti, Fernanda Martini, Massimiliano Castellazzi, Ilaria Casetta, Enrico Fainardi, Dario Di Luca, Enrico Granieri and Mauro Tognon
    Citation:Journal of Translational Medicine 2016 14:216
    Published on: 
  16. Content Type:Methodology

    The FluoroSpot assay, an advancement of the ELISpot assay, enables simultaneous measurement of different analytes secreted at a single-cell level. This allows parallel detection of several cytokines secreted b...
    Authors:Nina Körber, Uta Behrends, Alexander Hapfelmeier, Ulrike Protzer and Tanja Bauer
    Citation:Journal of Translational Medicine 2016 14:175
    Published on: 
  17. Content Type:Research

    We previously demonstrated that the HLA class II transactivator CIITA inhibits HIV-1 replication in T cells by competing with the viral transactivator Tat for the binding to Cyclin T1 subunit of the P-TEFb com...
    Authors:Greta Forlani, Filippo Turrini, Silvia Ghezzi, Alessandra Tedeschi, Guido Poli, Roberto S. Accolla and Giovanna Tosi
    Citation:Journal of Translational Medicine 2016 14:94
    Published on: 
  18. Content Type:Research

    Autoimmune Addison’s disease (AAD) is caused by multiple genetic and environmental factors. Variants of genes encoding immunologically important proteins such as the HLA molecules are strongly associated with ...
    Authors:Kine Edvardsen, Alexander Hellesen, Eystein S. Husebye and Eirik Bratland
    Citation:Journal of Translational Medicine 2016 14:68
    Published on: 
  19. Content Type:Research

    The tumor immunosuppressive microenvironment represents a major obstacle to an effective tumor-specific cellular immune response.
    Authors:Maria Tagliamonte, Annacarmen Petrizzo, Maria Napolitano, Antonio Luciano, Domenica Rea, Antonio Barbieri, Claudio Arra, Piera Maiolino, Marialina Tornesello, Gennaro Ciliberto, Franco M. Buonaguro and Luigi Buonaguro
    Citation:Journal of Translational Medicine 2016 14:58
    Published on: 
  20. Content Type:Review

    Research challenges associated with understanding HIV persistence during antiretroviral therapy can be categorized as temporal, spatial and combinatorial. Temporal research challenges relate to the timing of e...
    Authors:Paul W. Denton, Ole S. Søgaard and Martin Tolstrup
    Citation:Journal of Translational Medicine 2016 14:44
    Published on: 
  21. Content Type:Methodology

    Human myeloid-derived suppressor cells (MDSC) have been described as a group of immature myeloid cells which exert immunosuppressive action by inhibiting function of T lymphocytes. While there is a huge scient...
    Authors:Eva Grützner, Renate Stirner, Lukas Arenz, Anastasia P. Athanasoulia, Kathrin Schrödl, Carola Berking, Johannes R. Bogner and Rika Draenert
    Citation:Journal of Translational Medicine 2016 14:2
    Published on: 
  22. Content Type:Research

    HPV infections are detected in sexually naive children. This has raised the question about the role of early HPV infections in either protecting or predisposing to further HPV infections. HPV16-specific cell-m...
    Authors:Hanna-Mari Koskimaa, Anna Paaso, Marij J. P. Welters, Seija Grénman, Kari Syrjänen, Sjoerd H. van der Burg and Stina Syrjänen
    Citation:Journal of Translational Medicine 2015 13:370
    Published on: 
  23. Content Type:Research

    Virus-like particles (VLPs) based on Newcastle disease virus (NDV) core proteins, M and NP, and containing two chimera proteins, F/F and H/G, composed of the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) fusion protein (F...
    Authors:Lori McGinnes Cullen, Jorge C. G. Blanco and Trudy G. Morrison
    Citation:Journal of Translational Medicine 2015 13:350
    Published on: 
  24. Content Type:Research

    Deep invasion of the normal surrounding tissue by primary cervical cancers is a prognostic parameter for postoperative radiotherapy and relatively worse survival. However, patients with tumor-specific immunity...
    Authors:Arko Gorter, Frans Prins, Merel van Diepen, Simone Punt and Sjoerd H. van der Burg
    Citation:Journal of Translational Medicine 2015 13:295
    Published on: 
  25. Content Type:Research

    Helminths infections have been suggested to worsen the outcome of HIV infection by polarizing the immune response towards Th2. The purpose of this study is to determine the activity of Th2 immune response by m...
    Authors:Andargachew Mulu, Belay Anagaw, Aschalew Gelaw, Fuso Ota, Afework Kassu and Sisay Yifru
    Citation:Journal of Translational Medicine 2015 13:236
    Published on: 
  26. Content Type:Research

    High levels of ex vivo CD4 T-cell death and the accumulation of highly differentiated and/or immunosenescent T cells have been associated with poor CD4 T-cell recovery in treated HIV-infected individuals. Howe...
    Authors:Marta Massanella, Elisabet Gómez-Mora, Jorge Carrillo, Marta Curriu, Dan Ouchi, Jordi Puig, Eugènia Negredo, Cecilia Cabrera, Bonaventura Clotet and Julià Blanco
    Citation:Journal of Translational Medicine 2015 13:230
    Published on: 
  27. Content Type:Research

    Filovirus virus-like particles (VLP) are strong immunogens with the potential for development into a safe, non-infectious vaccine. However, the large size and filamentous structure of this virus has heretofore...
    Authors:John H Carra, Karen A O Martins, Rowena D Schokman, Camenzind G Robinson, Jesse T Steffens and Sina Bavari
    Citation:Journal of Translational Medicine 2015 13:228
    Published on: 
  28. Content Type:Research

    Interleukin-7 (IL-7) is a critical factor for T cell development and for maintaining and restoring homeostasis of mature T cells. Polymorphisms at α-chain of the IL-7 receptor (IL7R or CD127) gene are related ...
    Authors:María Guzmán-Fulgencio, Juan Berenguer, María A Jiménez-Sousa, Daniel Pineda-Tenor, Teresa Aldámiz-Echevarria, Pilar García-Broncano, Ana Carrero, Mónica García-Álvarez, Francisco Tejerina, Cristina Diez, Sonia Vazquez-Morón and Salvador Resino
    Citation:Journal of Translational Medicine 2015 13:206
    Published on: 
  29. Content Type:Research

    For more than 240 million chronic HBV carriers worldwide, effective therapeutic HBV vaccines are urgently needed. Recently, we demonstrated that autophagosomes were efficient antigens carriers and capable to c...
    Authors:Meng Xue, Fei Fan, Lei Ding, Jingyu Liu, Shu Su, Pengfei Yin, Meng Cao, Wei Zhao, Hong-ming Hu and Lixin Wang
    Citation:Journal of Translational Medicine 2014 12:361
    Published on: 
  30. Content Type:Research

    Early events in HIV infection are still poorly understood; virus derived from acute infections, the transmitted/founders IMCs, could provide more reliable information as they represent strains that established...
    Authors:Riccardo Miglietta, Claudia Pastori, Assunta Venuti, Christina Ochsenbauer and Lucia Lopalco
    Citation:Journal of Translational Medicine 2014 12:346
    Published on: 
  31. Content Type:Research

    Understanding the mechanisms by which some individuals are able to naturally control HIV-1 infection is an important goal of AIDS research. We here describe the case of an HIV-1+ woman, CASE1, who has spontaneous...
    Authors:Marco Moroni, Silvia Ghezzi, Paolo Baroli, Silvia Heltai, Davide De Battista, Simone Pensieroso, Mariangela Cavarelli, Stefania Dispinseri, Irene Vanni, Claudia Pastori, Pietro Zerbi, Antonella Tosoni, Elisa Vicenzi, Manuela Nebuloni, Kim Wong, Hong Zhao…
    Citation:Journal of Translational Medicine 2014 12:335
    Published on: 
  32. Content Type:Research

    MUC4 plays important roles in the malignant progression of human pancreatic cancer. But the huge length of MUC4 gene fragment restricts its functional and mechanism research. As one of its splice variants, MUC...
    Authors:Yi Zhu, Jing-Jing Zhang, Kun-Ling Xie, Jie Tang, Wen-Biao Liang, Rong Zhu, Yan Zhu, Bin Wang, Jin-Qiu Tao, Xiao-Fei Zhi, Zheng Li, Wen-Tao Gao, Kui-Rong Jiang, Yi Miao and Ze-Kuan Xu
    Citation:Journal of Translational Medicine 2014 12:309
    Published on: 
  33. Content Type:Research

    Mutations in the tumor suppressor gene TP53 and proto-oncogene PIK3CA and alterations of p53 and PIK3CA AKT mTOR pathways are common events in several human cancers. We focused on the analysis of TP53 and PIK3CA ...
    Authors:Maria Lina Tornesello, Clorinda Annunziata, Luigi Buonaguro, Simona Losito, Stefano Greggi and Franco M Buonaguro
    Citation:Journal of Translational Medicine 2014 12:255
    Published on: 
  34. Content Type:Research

    IL-10+ regulatory B (Bregs), CD4+Foxp3+ regulatory T (Tregs), and CD4+CXCR5+Foxp3+ follicular regulatory T (TFR) cells regulate the progression of infection disease. This study aimed at examining how those cells ...
    Authors:Li Wang, Jinpeng Qiu, Lei Yu, Xiaoli Hu, Pingwei Zhao and Yanfang Jiang
    Citation:Journal of Translational Medicine 2014 12:251
    Published on: 
  35. Content Type:Research

    Treatment with interferon-alpha (IFN-α) and ribavirin successfully clears hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection in 50% of patients infected with genotype 1. Addition of NS3-4A protease inhibitors (PIs) increases r...
    Authors:Nollaig M Bourke, Mary-Teresa O’Neill, Shahzad Sarwar, Suzanne Norris, Stephen Stewart, John E Hegarty, Nigel J Stevenson and Cliona O’Farrelly
    Citation:Journal of Translational Medicine 2014 12:206
    Published on: 
  36. Content Type:Research

    Serum quantitative hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg) levels may be an important predictor of hepatitis B e antigen (HBeAg) seroconversion (SC) in HBeAg-positive chronic hepatitis B (CHB) patients during anti...
    Authors:Jiezuan Yang, Jiajia Chen, Ping Ye, Linfeng Jin, Wei Wu, Guoping Sheng and Lan-Juan Li
    Citation:Journal of Translational Medicine 2014 12:183
    Published on: 
  37. Content Type:Research

    Hydrogen sulfide (H2S), together with nitric oxide (NO) and carbon monoxide (CO), belongs to a family of endogenous signaling mediators termed “gasotransmitters”. Recent studies suggest that H2S modulates many ce...
    Authors:Francesca Benedetti, Sergio Davinelli, Selvi Krishnan, Robert C Gallo, Giovanni Scapagnini, Davide Zella and Sabrina Curreli
    Citation:Journal of Translational Medicine 2014 12:145
    Published on: 
  38. Content Type:Review

    Chronic hepatitis B and C are the leading causes of liver disease and liver transplantation worldwide. Ability to mount an effective immune response against both HBV and HCV is associated with spontaneous clea...
    Authors:Emily Funk, Shyam Kottilil, Bruce Gilliam and Rohit Talwani
    Citation:Journal of Translational Medicine 2014 12:129
    Published on: 
  39. Content Type:Research

    Hepatitis C virus (HCV) is a universal health issue and a significant risk factor leading to hepatocellular carcinoma. HCV has infected approximately 170 million individuals worldwide. It is a member of Flaviv...
    Authors:Samia Afzal, Muhammad Idrees and Mazhar Hussain
    Citation:Journal of Translational Medicine 2014 12:115
    Published on: 
  40. Content Type:Research

    Chikungunya fever (CHIKF) is a recently re-emerged mosquito transmitted viral disease caused by the chikungunya virus (CHIKV), an Alphavirus belonging to the family Togaviridae. Infection of humans with CHIKV can...
    Authors:Nitwara Wikan, Sarawut Khongwichit, Weerawat Phuklia, Sukathida Ubol, Tipparat Thonsakulprasert, Montri Thannagith, Duangrudee Tanramluk, Atchara Paemanee, Suthathip Kittisenachai, Sittiruk Roytrakul and Duncan R Smith
    Citation:Journal of Translational Medicine 2014 12:96
    Published on: 
  41. Content Type:Research

    Human papillomavirus (HPV) infection has traditionally been regarded as a sexually transmitted disease (STD), but recent evidence implicates that an infected mother can transmit HPV to her newborn during pregn...
    Authors:Hanna-Mari Koskimaa, Anna E Paaso, Marij JP Welters, Seija E Grénman, Kari J Syrjänen, Sjoerd H van der Burg and Stina M Syrjänen
    Citation:Journal of Translational Medicine 2014 12:44
    Published on: 
  42. Content Type:Research

    We have previously shown that a candidate idiotype vaccine, based on the IGKV3-20 light chain protein, is able to induce activation of circulating antigen presenting cells (APCs) in both HCV-positive and HCV-n...
    Authors:Annacarmen Petrizzo, Maria Tagliamonte, Maria Lina Tornesello, Franco M Buonaguro and Luigi Buonaguro
    Citation:Journal of Translational Medicine 2014 12:11
    Published on: 
  43. Content Type:Research

    Digestive malignancies, especially pancreatic cancer (PC), gastric cancer (GC), and colorectal cancer (CRC), still occur at persistently high rates, and disease progression in these cancers has been associated...
    Authors:Yun-Peng Peng, Yi Zhu, Jing-Jing Zhang, Ze-Kuan Xu, Zhu-Yin Qian, Cun-Cai Dai, Kui-Rong Jiang, Jun-Li Wu, Wen-Tao Gao, Qiang Li, Qing Du and Yi Miao
    Citation:Journal of Translational Medicine 2013 11:262
    Published on: 
  44. Content Type:Research

    It has been proved that hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection alters the metastatic pattern and affects survival in colorectal cancer (CRC) and hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), while the influence of HBV infection ...
    Authors:Xiao-li Wei, Miao-zhen Qiu, Wei-wei Chen, Ying Jin, Chao Ren, Feng Wang, Hui-yan Luo, Zhi-qiang Wang, Dong-sheng Zhang, Feng-hua Wang, Yu-hong Li and Rui-hua Xu
    Citation:Journal of Translational Medicine 2013 11:249
    Published on: 
  45. Content Type:Research

    Forkhead box transcription factor 1 (FOXM1) has been reported to overexpress and correlate with pathogenesis in a variety of human malignancies. However, little research has been done to investigate its clinic...
    Authors:Xiaoxiao Li, Wensheng Qiu, Bin Liu, Ruyong Yao, Shihai Liu, Yasai Yao and Jun Liang
    Citation:Journal of Translational Medicine 2013 11:204
    Published on: 
  46. Content Type:Research

    Trimeric soluble forms of HIV gp140 envelope glycoproteins represent one of the closest molecular structures compared to native spikes present on intact virus particles. Trimeric soluble gp140 have been genera...
    Authors:Maria Luisa Visciano, Maria Tagliamonte, Guillaume Stewart-Jones, Leo Heyndrickx, Guido Vanham, Marianne Jansson, Anders Fomsgaard, Berit Grevstad, Meghna Ramaswamy, Franco M Buonaguro, Maria Lina Tornesello, Priscilla Biswas, Gabriella Scarlatti and Luigi Buonaguro
    Citation:Journal of Translational Medicine 2013 11:165
    Published on: 
  47. Content Type:Research

    HCV is causing hundreds of cases yearly in Pakistan and has become a threat for Pakistani population. HCV E2 protein is a transmembrane protein involved in viral attachment and thus can serve as an important t...
    Authors:Sobia Idrees, Usman A Ashfaq and Saba Khaliq
    Citation:Journal of Translational Medicine 2013 11:105
    Published on: 
  48. Content Type:Research

    The traditional smallpox vaccine, administered by scarification, was discontinued in the general population from 1980, because of the absence of new smallpox cases. However, the development of an effective pro...
    Authors:Sole Maria Pacchioni, Massimiliano Bissa, Carlo Zanotto, Carlo De Giuli Morghen, Elena Illiano and Antonia Radaelli
    Citation:Journal of Translational Medicine 2013 11:95
    Published on: 

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