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Learn the New Seizure Terminology

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January 24, 2019

Did you know that there is new terminology for seizures? CDC partnered with Medscape to publish a commentary on the new ways to classify and describe a seizure. The commentary is geared toward primary care providers because although most US adults with active epilepsy saw a primary care provider in the past year, many did not see a provider who specializes in epilepsy (a neurologist or epileptologist). So, it’s important for primary care providers to better understand the new terminology for seizures, since they are likely to care for patients with epilepsy. Accurate classification of seizure type can lead to more precise diagnosis and targeted treatments.

Spotlight: Learn the New Seizure Terminology

Did you know that terms such as simple partial and grand mal are outdated? Seizures should now be classified as focal onset or generalized onset. Find out more about the latest seizure classifications.
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