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Want to take years off your skin?

Harvard Health Publications
Harvard Health Publications

Discover the advances that are changing the face of skin care

Learn the secrets to more beautiful skin at any age

Find out how — starting right now — you can have softer,
healthier, and younger-looking skin

Skin Care and Repair
Inside Skin Care and Repair, you'll discover:
What is skin?
Skin and the aging process
Common skin conditions
Skin cancer
SPECIAL SECTION: Protecting your skin
Lotions and potions
And so much more!
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Now you can take care of your skin as never before. This Special Health Report shares the exciting advances that are bringing a fresh look to skin care.
You’ll see how you can enjoy skin that is with fewer visible lines and with a healthy glow and a more youthful resiliency and softness.
Now you can lose the years — without the fears!
The report reveals and explains more than 40 safe and effective treatments and techniques that can make your skin look years younger...without the pain of chemical peels or the risk of cosmetic surgery.
The report will introduce you to a painless procedure that can shrink undereye bags...a new laser technique that can dramatically erase deep lines and wrinkles...a 60-minute therapy for reversing sun damage and diminishing age spots...and much, much more.
You can say goodbye to the itch and embarrassment of common skin problems!
The doctors of Harvard Medical School will show you how to quell and conquer a dozen common skin conditions, including adult acne, contact dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, and athlete’s foot.
You’ll be briefed on breakthrough medications for rosacea and psoriasis, and a surprising and quick remedy for warts.
You’ll keep your skin safe, sound, and looking its best.
Talk about saving your skin! The report spotlights 20 smart steps that will protect your skin from sun damage, winter dryness, environmental irritants, skin cancer, and more.
You’ll learn the worst thing you can do to your to cut your risk of melanoma in half...and the four musts to look for in any moisturizer. Plus, the report will tell you about the antioxidants that protect against sun damage, and the best soap for sensitive skin.
Get the facts you need for the skin you want. Send for your copy of Skin Care and Repair today!
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To your good health,
Howard E. LeWine, M.D.
Chief Medical Editor, Harvard Health Publishing

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