lunes, 28 de enero de 2019

Watch the latest in science research and get our cancer metabolism poste

Fast Forward talks series
Watch the fantastic talks from Fast Forward, an event aimed at exploring exciting discoveries in the life sciences and how these have accelerated research.
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Cancer metabolism poster
Learn the essential enzyme and protein alterations of cancer cell metabolism, from glycolysis to transcriptional regulation.
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Flow cytometry training
Sign up for our free, online flow cytometry training series and receive the support you need to develop your skills.
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Ultimate autophagy ebook
Everything you need to know about autophagy at the click of your mouse. Download your autophagy guide today.
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Multicolor IHC
Learn from our experts about the benefits and challenges of using multicolor immunohistochemistry (IHC) for your research. 
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Host cell protein detection
Detect and quantify CHO and E. coli host cell proteins with sensitive and specific ELISA kits.
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Secondaries for western blot
See extensively tested and optimized HRP and AP-conjugated secondary antibodies ideal for your western blots.
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