lunes, 14 de enero de 2019

Antibody validation standards, Parkinson's disease reagents, and win a gold Apple watch

Antibody validation
Learn about the basic standards we hold all of our antibodies to, and take a closer look at our specificity and consistency testing.
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Flow cytometry training
Sign up for our free, online flow cytometry training series and receive the support you need to develop your skills
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Antibodies for Parkinson's disease targets
Get to the root of Parkinson's disease with rabbit monoclonal antibodies for key disease targets.
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Win a gold Apple watch
To celebrate our gold-standard antibodies for IHC markers, we're giving you the chance to win a gold Apple watch.
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Choosing your neural markers
Choose the best neural subtype markers for your research with our interactive guide.
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Blue skies research
Find out how Professor Steve Jackson (Gurdon Institute) believes that blue skies research is providing key insights for future cancer therapies.
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Better antibodies power better assay kits
You already know about our antibodies, but did you know we use those same antibodies in our assay kits?
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Direct vs indirect
Understand the difference between direct and indirect immunofluorescence methods with our simple explanation.
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