lunes, 21 de enero de 2019

Find out about Abcam's scientists, get our protocols book, and flow cytometry training

Expertise: The science inside
Find out about the great achievements that have shaped the careers of some of Abcam’s scientists. The highs, the discoveries, and some amazing inventions.
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Protocols book
Get all your essential protocols in one place with a free download copy of our protocols book.
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Flow cytometry training
Sign up for our free, online flow cytometry training series and receive the support you need to develop your skills.
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Compare PD-L1 antibody clones
Get access to four of our key recombinant monoclonal PD-L1 antibody clones. Which one will work best for you?
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Need more flexibility?
Our new PBS-only recombinant antibody pairs offer more flexibility for your assays.
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Fluorochrome chart
Quickly select the best fluorochromes for your next multicolor experiment. Our chart includes lasers, filters, spectra, and brightness details.
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Guide to cell proliferation
From markers of DNA synthesis and cell metabolism to the best IHC scoring methods, our guide helps you make the right choice.
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5-star HRP secondary
Our goat anti-rabbit HRP secondary antibody is rated five stars by customers and cited in over 100 papers from top journals.
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