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Supporting Rare Disease Day 2017

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BioMed Central is proud to support Rare Disease Day 2017

This year’s Rare Disease Day is focussing on the theme of research, and we here at Orphanet Journal of Rare Diseases are inspired by its 2017 slogan; ‘With research, possibilities are limitless’.
Take a look at all our favorite picks for the day on our Rare Disease Day homepage, including a new OJRD article and several blog pieces, curated from Findacure’s “The Student Voice” essay competition; a new rare disease quiz; a piece from our Editor-in-Chief Dr. Ségolène Aymé; and a collection of OJRD articles which tie into this year’s Rare Disease Day theme.

Also in support of Rare Disease Day, Nature Reviews Neurology has made the Review from its rare diseases series, Clinical and biological progress over 50 years in Rett syndrome, free for a month.

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