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Recurrent tonsillitis | Brain tumors | Stomach sensor

February 26, 2019 Edition

Woman doctor examining girl’s throat with spatula and flashlight

Understanding recurrent tonsillitis

In children with recurrent tonsillitis, the bacteria that cause the disease trick immune cells into destroying each other instead of remembering the bacteria.

Microscopic image of cancer cells

Blocking DNA repair restores sensitivity of brain tumors to treatment in mice

Researchers found that blocking DNA repair made gliomas, a type of deadly brain tumor, more responsive to radiation therapy in mice. The study suggests possible treatment strategies.

Hydrogel device

Spongy stomach sensor that could be swallowed

Engineers designed a sensor-containing device that can quickly inflate with fluid in the stomach and then shrink on demand. The device could make it possible to monitor conditions in the stomach and deliver slow-release drugs.

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