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Meeting in Berlin, Ellie, Croatia, Rory's Regulations, and much more

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Invitation to Our WSD Supporter Meeting on September 30th at ESICM LIVES in Berlin, Germany

You are hereby invited to join our next WSD Supporter Meeting - it will take place on Monday, September 30th at ESICM LIVES in Berlin. We have a jam-packed agenda for you - more details and sign up...

Ellie's Sepsis Story - How Surviving Sepsis Opened up a New Perspective on Life

Initially, I just thought I had an upset stomach, or some sort of bug as the vomiting stopped during the day. However, it had become the evening of the 14th when the vomiting started again, which kept me up all night. After a little bit of sleep I woke up on the morning of the 15th with an unusually sore lower right leg…

Sepsis Awareness Posters Now Available in Spanish, Portuguese, French, and German (Besides English)

Our Sepsis Awareness Posters are now available in 5 languages - Spanish, Portuguese, French, and German, in addition to English. They cover symptoms, risk groups, sources, prevention, and the global burden of sepsis - we encourage you to download, print, and hang 'em up in your institution...

Blueprint for Successful Government Actions Against Sepsis? Comment on the Recent Study 'Association Between State-Mandated Protocolized Sepsis Care and In-Hospital Mortality Among Adults with Sepsis'

After the death of 12-year-old Rory Staunton from sepsis, ‘Rory’s Regulations’ mandate acute care hospitals to implement protocols for the recognition and management of patients with sepsis, as well as to report performance metrics to the DOH. A recent study investigated the results...

Project Presentation – How the Project "Stop Sepsis in Croatia" from CNSARICT Is Saving Lives in Croatia

CNSARICT is a non-profit organization established in 2005 in order to organize continuous education for nurses all around the country, and to spread information, recommendations and knowledge with patients and the rest of community...

WSD Infographics Now Available in Portuguese and Italian, Besides English, Spanish, French, and German

Our WSD Infographics are now available in a total of 5 languages - you get 21 infographics covering all aspects of sepsis and the connection to other World Health Days in one quick and free download...

Online Course: Integral Management of Septic Patients, Starting July 25th

The course is in Spanish and has already started, but you can still join...

Updated Website Graphics and New WSD Flyer

We have updated almost every single one of the graphics on our GSA and WSD websites, making it easier to navigate, more pleasant on the eyes, and better match our visual identity. And there is a new WSD Flyer as well...

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