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Precision Public Health ▲ Public Health Genomics Knowledge Base (v1.2)

Public Health Genomics Knowledge Base (v1.2)

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Last Posted: Jan-18-2017 6AM

Precision Medicine Initiative: Implications for Public Health[PDF 1.01 MB]
Bill Riley, NCI precision medicine & population health webinar, slide presentation, October 2016 Brand
Insights from the 2016 Precision Public Health Summit[PDF 292 KB]
Kirsten Bibbins-Domingo, NCI precision medicine and population health webinar slide presentation, October 2016 Brand
Precision Medicine and Population Health
Cross Cutting Research Area in the NCI Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences Brand

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Last Posted: Dec 22, 2016

Most Recent Scientific Publications from Weekly Horizon Scans

From Genomics & Health Impact Scan Database
This database includes published scientific literature on evidence-based translation of genomic discoveries into improved health care and disease prevention that have a potential impact on population health.

From CDC Information Database
This database includes general CDC public health information on specific diseases and health related topics. When available, the database displays genomic information from various CDC web pages. Users are also encouraged to conduct searches of CDC website for additional information.

From NIH National Cancer Institute Web Sites

From CDC-Authored Genomics Publication Database
This database contains CDC-authored publications in public health genomics including infectious diseases, newborn screening, reproductive health, genetic testing, cancer, chronic diseases, birth defects and developmental disabilities, environmental and occupational health as well as laboratory, bioinformatics and statistical methods.

From HuGE Literature Finder Database
This database contains published literature on genetic associations and other human genome epidemiology

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