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April 2017


This technique produces germline mutation in three parents children Our mitochondrial replacement ethical assessment is necessary to establish a moratorium

Ethical questions about mitochondrial replacement in humans. Three-parent baby technique

We thus consider it necessary to establish a moratorium on their use in humans, at least until more is known about relevant aspects. If this knowledge is obtained, ethical questions would still remain, we consider those related to the dignity and identity of the human embryo … Read more.
Transhumanism: the abolition of man?

Transhumanism: the abolition of man?

Transhumanist goal intends to free human beings from their human condition with technological support. When we hear the word transhumanism, the idea may come to mind that it is possible to improve human nature… Read more.


Gene editing in reproductive medicine can modify germ line, for this reason, its use in reproductive medicine is questioned by scientific community

Open ethical debate: Are gene editing techniques ethical in reproductive medicine?

The use of these techniques is currently medically and ethically unjustifiable. The United Kingdom has recently approved mitochondrial transfer (3 parents children) this has opened an ethical debate… Read more.
Stem cells clinical use as bone fractures, spinal cord injuries, retinal, Parkinson's and Huntington's disease, and in myocardial infarction

The situation of the clinical use of stem cells

In January 2017, an article was published in JAMA (Palliative Care - Translating Clinical Trials to Clinical Care) which, in our opinion, summarises the situation of the clinical use of stem cells extremely well. It begins by referring to the possible sources… Read more.
Sexually transmitted diseases rise. The causes of the growth of STDs are complex and rooted in social and cultural changes

Rise in sexually transmitted diseases shows WHO report

Experts have warned of an upturn in sexually transmitted diseases, as a result of the social  changes derailing the efforts  after the "hardest" years of the HIV epidemic. According to the latest World Health Organization… Read more.
Palliative care physicians training is implemented in USA for improvement quality of life in patients with serious illnesses not only in the death process

United States commits to improve both physicians training and quality in palliative care

A system to prepare physicians to address this type of medical need that showed a significant improvement in the quality of life expected in patients with serious illnesses. In 1998 in the United States, only 15% of hospitals… Read more.
Fetal remains of abortion can not be treated as clinical waste.Their right has been being recognised by different countries.

Rights of aborted foetal remains. Recognised by different countries

From 19 December 2016, abortion clinics, in Texa, can no longer treat the bodies of the victims (fetal remains) as clinical waste but will have to bury or cremate them, whichever the parents decide… Read more.


Mother-child HIV transmission elimination has been accomplished. Now Thailand has eradicated. And WHO announces it has been eliminated

Mother-child HIV transmission elimination is accomplished. A global great advance

The elimination of mother-to-child HIV transmission — so-called vertical transmission — is being accomplished, which is a great medical and ethical advance.  The HIV transmission rate fell from… Read more.
There is a moratorium requested by the scientific community 2 three-parent babies born, in Mexico & China, although this technique is legalized only in UK

Three-parent babies. Two children have been born 

On 15 December 2016, the UK approved this technique . Although the UK is the only country where this technique is …
The large majority of survivors were born at 23-24 weeks of gestation the last figures show. It is the higher numbers of survival in Very premature babies

Higher survival of very premature babies

A recent study in the New England Journal of Medicine found a higher survival of very premature babies. The study collected data on 4,274 children born in 11 hospitals. The percentage of premature infants who survived rose… Read more.
Intestinal tissue produced from embryonic stem cells and iPS cells make possible a new treatment of Hirschsprung disease avoiding surgical intervention

Intestinal tissue produced from embryonic stem cells and iPS cells

The intestinal nervous system controls several functions of the gastrointestinal tract, and when impaired causes bowel abnormalities. Now, a group of American researchers has generated intestinal tissue from embryonic and iPS cells using them to study…

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