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The supermen who will save Gotham City | MercatorNet | May 29, 2017 |

The supermen who will save Gotham City

| MercatorNet | May 29, 2017 |

The supermen who will save Gotham City

Girls don't have to settle for hookups. There are chaste men to be found.
Patrick F. Fagan | May 29 2017 | comment 

The New York Times has a circulation of one million while Rush Limbaugh has an audience of 13.5 million listeners.  Limbaugh devoted much time last week to a Vanity Fair article on the hook-up culture among young professionals in New York City, a culture that is now driving women away from men of their own age.
The male Lotharios boast of up to three different women bedded per week and the norm seems to be over 20 different women per year.  It seems some women are now seeking relationships with much older single (divorced?) men. These older men are attractive (even though marriage to them means wheeling them around in their old-age) because they treat their dates with respect and not as one-night stands to be cast off for the next pretty young thing.
Given the habits now deeply formed in these young adults whereby they treat others as objects to be cast aside (whereas most young men in most generations honored women and were delighted to have their attention), when these New Yorkers eventually settle down how will they treat their spouses and their children when the going gets tough? 
How will these women treat their husbands?  How will all of them treat their co-workers and customers?  Can good relationships ever spring from habits like these?  This is the soil of divorce, abuse, abortion, cast offs, rejection, dejection and despair.  It will implode.
What these women are looking for are men who honor them, will protect them when they most need protecting (which is when they are giving birth and nursing very young children).  But where can they find such men?  The short answer is in church.  They are there in spades though such men are likely to find their spouses there too.  NYC “Tinder Girls” don’t go to church much.  Yet.
The greatest secret in the social sciences (and it is good science) is the inherent need for men and women to worship God if they are to thrive.  The numbers and patterns are overwhelming.  There is no way that atheist or agnostic academics can hold to their conclusions and claim to be guided by science.  The social sciences constantly and repeatedly contradict them.
When defeating the British in the War of Independence American men found strength in numbers and in their commitment to fighting even to death in the cause of their country.  For the rebirth of the nation young single American men will need to find strength in their numbers by banding together to form the backbone around which the body of the nation will be able to stand up and face a future full of hope. 
Young chaste men will be the saviors of the nation and its rebuilders. Us older folk have to work with them to discover ways to cause this banding together to happen, to become visible.
Imagine the scene in New York City where young professional men get together for fun and drinks — and they are all committed to chastity.  Add a bit of style in dress, a decent college education, and evidence of steady work.  How many young NYC professional women would be interested in finding such men? The place would be the hottest spot in town because the Vanity Fair article shows that women need men who, by their stance, say: “Even if the culture will no longer protect your sexuality, we will.”
These are the Supermen who will save Gotham City. Without them it will become a hell-hole.  With them many Lois Lanes will step forward.  Male and female are made for each other. Without them you have no family, no future, no child. With them we have a future, a rebirth.  Ground zero is chastity.
Pat Fagan is Senior Fellow and Director of the Marriage and Religion Research Institute (MARRI). This article is republished from the MARRI Blog with permission.
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| MercatorNet | May 29, 2017 |

As Shannon Roberts points out in today's lead article, the 21st Century is more likely to see the rise of religion than the triumph of atheism. There is a very simple reason which appears to have nothing to do with the merits of the argument: people with religious convictions tend to have more children. "The future of the world is in the hands of our children; what will their beliefs be?" she writes. 
Of course, it makes a big difference which religion rises fastest. At the moment, Islam is projected to become bigger than the sum of Christian denominations by the year 2060. (Ultra-Orthodox Jews in Israel may have the world's highest fertility rate, more than 6 children per woman, but they are starting from a low base.) However, what seems sure is that the proportion of unbelievers will decline. What this means is anyone's guess. But it will not be business as usual!

Michael Cook 

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The supermen who will save Gotham City

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