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Alcohol-related deaths | Predicting Alzheimer’s | Mother’s gut microbes

January 28, 2020 Edition

Green wine bottle hitting the floor and breaking

Alcohol-related deaths increasing nationwide

An analysis of U.S. death certificate data showed that alcohol-related deaths increased among people in almost all age and racial and ethnic groups between 1999 and 2017.

Radiologist preparing patient for PET imaging scan

Predicting Alzheimer’s disease progression

A study suggested that PET imaging of tau tangles in the brain could be a way to track development of Alzheimer’s disease, predict loss of brain tissue, and assess new treatments.

Bottles of breast milk with mother breastfeeding baby in the background

Mother’s gut microbes may influence offspring’s immunity

A study in mice showed that a mother’s gut bacteria can induce antibodies that protect newborns against diarrheal disease.

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