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World TB Day is March 24! CDC efforts to find, cure, and prevent TB

World Tuberculosis (TB) Day March 24, 2018

CDC joins organizations from around the world to accelerate global progress in the fight against TB
Every March 24, CDC’s Division of Global HIV & TB (DGHT) recognizes World Tuberculosis (TB) Day – an important moment for the global community to come together to renew our commitment to ending TB.
We can find, cure and prevent TB globally. At CDC, we are helping to drive progress against TB, bringing to bear a combination of scientific expertise and on-the-ground experience in diagnosing, curing and preventing TB worldwide. We’re on the frontlines in more than 25 high TB burden countries working with partner governments and helping sustain country efforts.


Messages from CDC Leadership

On World TB Day, CDC leaders encourage the global community to accelerate progress against the TB epidemic.


      CDC on the Frontlines

      CDC stands at the forefront of global efforts to accelerate the fight against TB.


          Latest CDC Global TB Research

          New research highlights CDC’s leadership and innovation in finding, curing and preventing TB worldwide.
          • The March 2018 issue of Emerging Infectious Diseasesspotlights several TB analyses by CDC researchers.
          • A recent CDC analysis in Scientific Reports responds to the need for better diagnostic tools to strengthen clinicians’ ability to detect TB and drug resistance.


          CDC Shareable Resources 

          CDC’s DGHT offers the following additional resources, which can be shared across various networks in the lead-up to World TB Day and throughout the year.

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          To learn more about CDC’s efforts to control HIV and end TB globally, visit

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