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Conferencia Internacional ‘Las enfermedades crónicas plantean un reto a la Europa del siglo 21’, 19 y 20 de marzo, Letonia || Dzīvības koks – onkoloģisko pacientu atbalsta biedrība

Dzīvības koks – onkoloģisko pacientu atbalsta biedrība

Dzīvības Koks

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Conferencia Internacional ‘Las enfermedades crónicas plantean un reto a la Europa del siglo 21’, 19 y 20 de marzo, Letonia
Conference is organized in the framework of Latvian Presidency of the Council of the European Union

Organized by: Latvian Cancer Patient Support Society „Dzivibas koks”, Pulmonary Hypertension Society and Patient Ombudsman

Participants: Patient organizations and associations, leading experts and specialists, policy makers

The goal of this conference is to raise issues at European level that are related to chronic disease patients that include the return to active social and economic life after treatment. Professional and patient organisations will present their viewpoint on the issues covered in the conference.


19th March 2015 (opening of the conference at 13:00), Riga, Latvia
-    Specifics of chronic diseases in the 21st century – challenges and opportunities
-    Health economics highlights in Europe
-    Integral character of health and social care
-    Chronic patients return to social and economic life: challenge of rehabilitation

Programme is available HERE

Bus at the end of the day will be provided!

20st March 2015, Cesis, Latvia
-    Health economics as a basis of health and social system development
-    Patient rights, working environment and labour rights
-    Set of rehabilitation services: vision, experience, legislation and finances
-    Multidimensional character of rare diseases
-    Oncology as a chronic disease – also in public conscious? 
-    Development of resolution for chronic diseases 


Latvian Cancer Patient Society “Dzivibas koks” will cover accommodation and reimburse travel expenses of patient organization members participating in the conference from 19th – 20th March. The reimbursement will be performed after the conference upon submission of the original tickets/proof of payments.
•    ! Travel expenses will be covered up to 250 EUR – Participants are responsible by their own travel arrangements!
•    ! Organizers will cover costs for all conference participants for one night at the hotel – from 19th – 20st March. If it is not possible to make appropriate travel arrangements, up to 2 extra nights at the hotel can be covered by organizers – in this case participants must send this information to organizers upon applying for the conference.

Latvian Cancer Patient Support Society “Dzivibas koks” will award the travel grants on a “first come - first served” basis, until the funds allocated will be depleted.

For the grants can apply one person per organization!


Application for the conference using the electronic application form is obligatory. As financial resources for travel grants are limited, we suggest register for the conference as soon as possible. All applications must be submitted by 28th February 2015!


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