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IDF Advocacy Newsletter - September 2015

IDF Advocacy Newsletter - June 2015

UN Member States adopt Post-2015 Agenda
UN Member States have agreed to adopt the post-2015 development agenda during the UN General Assembly Summit on 25-27 September. The new framework includes a standalone target on NCDS as well as several references to NCDS within the health goal.
The inclusion of NCDs within the Post-2015 Agenda has been a long-term objective for IDF. We warmly welcome this outcome, which places pressure on governments to translate voluntary commitments into concrete actions with the resources required to address the spectrum of health challenges posed by diabetes and other NCDs.
However, there remain omissions which must be addressed by the SDG indicators (read the draft  proposal here). The global indicator framework, which will be adopted in March 2016, is now open for public consultation and IDF will push for the inclusion of strong and clear indicators on access to healthy food and affordable essential medicines.
You can read more about the Post-2015 Agenda here.
SDGs: Support IDF’s call to action
Leading up to the SDG Adoption Summit,IDF will launch a new call to action to UN Member States requesting:
  • strong and clear SDG indicators on access to healthy food and physical inactivity, two of the main risk factors for type 2 diabetes;
  • a target date for full access to essential medicines within the SDGs, and to ensure achievement of the target of 80% access to insulin and other essential diabetes medicines set by the WHO;
  • the inclusion of diabetes education (including nutrition education) in school curricula, to increase awareness on all types of diabetes and to prevent new cases of type 2 diabetes.
IDF will submit formal letters through its parliamentary network to Heads of Government, Ministers of Finance and Ministers of Health, stressing the implications of ignoring the global diabetes epidemic. The call to action will be supported by a social media campaign aiming at engaging political and other key opinion leaders.
Please, support IDF’s call to action on Twitter from September 24-28 by retweeting, and using #SDG and @IntDiabetesFed in your comments. For more information, please visithttp://www.idf.org/action-on-diabetes in the coming weeks.
World Diabetes Day practical guide now available
IDF has published the World Diabetes Day (WDD) Guide, a practical online tool to support the world’s largest global diabetes awareness campaign. Focused on the role healthy eating plays in effectively managing type 1 diabetes and both managing and preventing type 2 diabetes, the guide summarizes how you can get involved in the campaign, outlines key messages, facts and figures, and includes the first WDD infographic.
Use social media to be part of the conversation around #WDD. You can help spread WDD messages by addressing tweets to key opinion leaders. Learn more by downloading thepractical WDD guide and the first WDD infographic.
Get involved and ensure that healthy eating is a right, not a privilege!
World Obesity Day, October 11
On October 11 the World Obesity Federation (WOF) will launch the inaugural universal World Obesity Day. With almost 500 million obese adults worldwide, and double that number of overweight adults, it’s imperative to bring attention to one of the major global public health issues of our times.
As obesity is among the main risk factors for type 2 diabetes, IDF recognizes the importance of improving policies and actions to reduce the scope of the diabetes epidemic and fully supports WOF’s efforts. More information on World Obesity Day and sign up for updates here.
IDF participates in The Economist event
On October 13 in Dubai, The Economist will hostHealth Care Middle East and North Africa: Innovation Powering Health Care Delivery. Dr Petra Wilson, CEO of IDF will draw from ongoing IDF programmes to address national and international decision makers and healthcare professionals on aligning public and private sectors to deliver innovative healthcare delivery.
IDF members are entitled to a 15% discount on the standard registration rate, visit the event site for more details, www.hcmena.economist.com.
IDF Young Leader in Diabetes at WHO regional meeting
The WHO Regional Office for South-East Asia (SEARO) in collaboration with the NCD Alliance organized ameeting on strengthening NCD civil society organizations on July 9-10 in New Delhi, India. Binit H. Gandhi, an ex-officio member of the YLD Executive Council, represented YLD and IDF at the meeting.
Citing the successful example of the IDF Young leaders programme, Gandhi said, "We need better engagement of youth, not only to prevent and control diabetes, but also to advocate for the world's most common NCD. The future generation must be accountable and take action
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