domingo, 31 de mayo de 2020

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On the basis of our follow-up results, 11 of 69 patients with COVID-19 showed positive RT-PCR results after discharge, which suggests that some recovered patients may still be virus carriers even after they reach the basic discharge criteria.
Researchers are combing the blood and sequencing the genomes of patients—and the virus, if it can be isolated from them—to search for clues to what makes some children susceptible and how to head off the worst symptoms. There's hope that what's learned from young patients might help the many adults in whom COVID-19 also triggers overreaction of the immune system.
Here we set out 16 questions to assess whether — and to what extent — a contact-tracing app is ethically justifiable. These questions could assist governments, public-health agencies and providers to develop ethical apps — they have already informed developments in France, Italy and the UK. They will also help watchdogs and others to scrutinize such technologies.

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