jueves, 5 de abril de 2018

All Your Answers for Participating in Clinical Trials

Trial Participation Pack

Research to discover new therapies for Parkinson's disease is moving fast. But clinical trials face a roadblock that slows progress -- a chronic shortage of research volunteers. 

To shed light on research and increase the flow of participants to the studies that urgently need them, we are pleased to share the Trial Participant Pack -- a comprehensive, easy-to-use resource that lays out everything you want to know about research participation:
  • The informed consent process, phases of studies, and other fundamentals
  • The range of research opportunities available, from filling out surveys at home to giving blood to more complex, in-clinic procedures 
  • How and why volunteers, including those recently diagnosed and those years into their journey, are needed, and how families can support research 
In addition to the "Navigating Clinical Trials" guide, you'll find stories and videos featuring people with Parkinson's and their loved ones. No matter when they signed up or why, all have found satisfaction in harnessing their unique power to accelerate new treatments, and possibly cures, for PD. 

We hope the Trial Participant Pack answers your questions about research, and that it helps you take a step toward volunteering or keep up your motivation to continue participating. 

Thank you for sharing our vision and for all that you are doing to help us move Parkinson's research forward.

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