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NHS confrontment with Alfie parents' decision. Leukemia survivor has a child, Confusion between deep sedation and euthanasia. Nº 65

nº 65

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27/4/ 2018


Conflictive NHS hospital's decisions

Alfie Evans case bioethics approach

The new conflict between NHS hospital decision supported by English Court and Alfie Evans parents claims has arisen a new strong public opinion reaction and an international debate. Is it the top of an iceberg? … Read more.
FDA’s decision is of great meaningful because it shows that the perception towards gene therapy real drugs is finally catching up to the science

Gene therapy gets a new boost.

Gene therapy has received a new boost this year with the approval of Kymriah for cancer treatments by the United States regulatory agency, the FDA. The treatment is indicated for acute lymphoblastic leukemia in children and young people…
This information completes the study to draw a final conclusion on what type of abortion psychological disorders affects women and their incidence

Does post-abortion syndrome exist? New large study

A recurring medical issue is whether or not post-abortion syndrome exists.  Now, a large study published by Priscilla Coleman and colleagues has provided new findings on the … Read more.


Palliative care sedation

When is it permissible to sedate a patient and when is it covert euthanasia?

 Italian cinema and television celebrity, who died on 4 January has helped equate palliative care and deep sedation with euthanasia in the public view.  To clear any…
Twins using IVF even transferring a single embryo. Controversy remains about whether single embryo transfer resolves the increase in twin pregnancies

Can twin pregnancies be produced using IVF if only one embryo is transferred?

How is it possible? A recent study published in Fertility and Sterility evaluated the rate of twin pregnancies…
Cloned primates is a great advance for diseases research but scientists believe that only strict regulation of cloning can prevent human cloning

Two monkeys cloned for the first time. Shades and lights

The cloned monkeys could mark the beginning of a new era in studying human diseases. but why does, Militiov the biotechnologist that cloned primates for the first time, fears private attempts to clone humans? In the latest edition of the prestigious Journal Cell …


Ovarian tissue transplant to a survivor of leukemia allow the birth of a healthy child for the first time It a further step in cure sterility
Sexually active teenagers decline has been higher in the last two years which is a good medical a moral sign allowing a healthy and responsible decision

Number of sexually active teenagers falls in United States

The number of sexually active teenagers in the United States has fallen markedly in the last decade. This decline has been especially significant in the last two years. Matthew Oransky …
Figures of Euthanasia deaths rise by 67% in Nederlands. 7000 deaths in 2017

Figures of Euthanasia deaths rise by 67% in Nederlands. 7000 deaths in 2017

The number of people who have died by euthanasia in the Netherlands has risen by 67%.  "Cases are set to exceed 7000 this year, up from 4188 people in 2012 who met …
Cancer therapy effects can lead to loss of ovarian function and subsequent effects. Artificial ovaries substituted with advantages in animal trials

Functionally active artificial ovary produced in rats

 Cancer therapy effects cause objective health problems, such as sexual changes, obesity and osteoporosis. The creation of artificial ovaries that could …

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