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Is true ethics consensus decision-making? Social Freezing and female rights, Anaesthesia in organ harvesting from dead patients!,etc. Nº 64


European citizens’ initiative One of Us is supported by our Observatory. Dr Burguete, anthropologist and delegate member gave a transhumanism lecture

Our Observatory gives a transhumanism lecture in the Week for Life of the European Parliament - Brussels

The Catholic University of Valencia’s Bioethics Observatory has given a lecture at the European Parliament in Brussels as part of the annual Week for Life which One of Us participates. The lecture was given by Dr Enrique Burguete,anthropologist .“Transhumanism and the emancipation of …
Minimal ethics frequently becomes at the service of the variable will of the majority and restricts freedom to so-called "politically correct” beliefs

Minimal ethics. And its tool the consensus decision-making

It assumes that universally valid ethical principles do not exist. Minimal ethics is based on  approval or disapproval of society - and, therefore, its presupposition: compels medical comitees and political communities to “take refuge”…
Men and women dimorphism affects their anatomy, physiology, endocrine, nervous systems and brain. So brain difference between sexes affect their capacities

Male versus female brains controversy. New evidence of their differences

Brains functioning differences define whether an individual is male or female. Differences in anatomical and physiological structures are compounded by new discoveries on sex-linked genetic variations which, far …
Would women that don't want to endanger their job have to accept the social freezing companies exigence or offer?

Social Freezing. Has it medical and ethical difficulties?

"To freeze the eggs of their female employees, “in order to attract and promote female talent” is being proposed by companies all over de world. The most common procedure used to achieve this is to freeze their eggs while young, generally before age 30.… Read more.


Is studied which procedure could be used to reduce embryos destruction.Contrary to what was believed the two procedures didn't have a significant difference

Are there advantages of using frozen enbryos in IVF?

Since the advent of in vitro fertilization (IVF)  in 1978, fresh embryos have generally been used But in the last decade, the use of frozen human embryos has been implemented. In view of this, the question that arises is whether the pregnancy and live …
Slower epigenetic aging caused by a little physical contact with children, delays their development and could be harmful

Lower maternal contact affects the epigenetics of the child? 

Children who received little care showed slower epigenetic aging that could cause delays in their development.  Children raised in orphanages, where they are used to receiving little attention, show delayed growth, high-stress …
Figures of the epidemiology of HIV/AIDS presents worrying signs after a decade in which it seemed possible to control the epidemic

Shades and lights of HIV/AIDS epidemy

WHO Congresss almost no talk of a disease that affects 36.7 million people, spreads to 1.8 million every year and kills one million people annually around the world. Better awareness and longer survival of those affected, nevertheless…


Some donors show a response to the stimulus when the surgery starts. Perhaps the more traumatic effect of brain dead organ retrieval process

Why is organ retrieval from brain-dead donors made frequently with anaesthesia?

An article published in The Journal of the Association of Anaesthetists , titled Anaesthesia for organ donation in the brainstem dead — why bother?   defends the necessity to use anaesthesia for harvesting organs in this kind of donors… Read more.
Neurology of death revelation. Researchers believed that irreversible damage occurred when brain activity flatlines current study shows that's not the case.

After heart stops, the cellular activity and brain waves may continue

Lead author Jens Dreier said , “the brain’s fuel reserves have become depleted.” When that happens, it starts to fail  creating what is  called a “brain tsunami,” … Read more.
Around 30% of births after ovarian stimulation occur after a single cycle

Around 30% of births after ovarian stimulation occur after a single cycle

One important thing to consider is to be able to determine the likelihood of having IVF child after several stimulation cycles. A recent article evaluated this …
Medical intervention to resolve the ectopic pregnancy ethical dilemma. When should jeopardize the life of the fetus to preserve the mother's life?

Ectopic pregnancy. Ethical dilemma

What is an ectopic pregnancy? On very rare occasions, the embryo that begins its life after the fertilisation of an egg by a sperm does not reach the uterus and implants in the Fallopian … Read more.

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