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National Meetings and General Assembly 2018 - AFSA

National Meetings and General Assembly 2018 - AFSA

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National Meeting and General Meeting 2018

Our next National Meeting and the General Meeting will be held on 19 and 20 May 2018 the ICFTU Lyon .
You will find below the elements required for registration:
At the National Meeting of the program, this year we will address include:
  • Sibling and disability
  • Behavior and Communication Angelman syndrome
  • Workshops choice on various topics (see pre-program)
  • A full update on the national and international research on Sunday morning
For organizational requirements, the deadline for Dating is 19 April 2018.
We urge you to register online: by Clicking HERE
If not, please complete your registration form and return it to:
Faustina Bourgoin
At Groupama Center Manche,
Agriculture City, 
76230 Bois Guillaume
accompanied imperatively your check (separate from accession), payable to AFSA.

We remind you that accommodation bookings will to do by yourself. The ICFTU has reduced room rates ( ). You can also book online sites (Booking, Trivago, etc.).
On the occasion of meetings, we also invite you to the Annual General Meeting of AFSA, which will be held Saturday, May 19 at 17:00, after the first day of meetings.
The General Assembly is held every two years and is an opportunity to present to members of the highlights of AFSA since last 2016 AGM and ongoing projects and future. Activities and Financial Reports will be voted on, and the revised Rules of Procedure; new members of the Board will be elected.
Your presence is necessary to ensure the smooth functioning and continuity of the association. If this is impossible, we invite you to represent you at the AGM (see enclosed proxy) for your voice to be taken into account.
There are seats to be filled on the Board, including those of trésorier.e adjoint.e office, several positions délégué.e régional.e or adjoint.e etc.
We remind you that the Board of Directors (consisting solely of volunteers) meets 4 times a year in Paris (the presence in an AC per year minimum is required), board members working mostly at a distance, mail and telephone; the cost of transport and / or accommodation to travel to CA are reimbursed by AFSA.
If you want to join the dynamic and motivated team of sales, bring your personal contribution and skills to AFSA, please fill out the attached application form and send it to the President before March 19 2018 ( ).

For all questions :
  • On the organization and logistics of meetings:
Tel: /
I hope we will meet very many in May on the occasion.
The president
Hermann Lara

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