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BMC Medical Genetics
Editor: Matteo Pasini


We are pleased to present three recently published articles from BMC Medical Genetics - research that your peers are currently conducting in your field of science. Submit your manuscript with us and make a difference with your research.
BMC Medical Genetic is now recruiting new Associate Editors to join the Editorial Board, If you are interested to know more, please read the below section for more details.

Become an Associate Editor
We are recruiting new Associate Editors to join the Editorial Board. We are interested in individuals who are committed to open access, data sharing and innovation in scientific publishing.
You can find out more of the role description from here.
If you are interested in becoming an Associate Editor for BMC Medical Genetics, please send your application including a full academic CV to

About the BMC Series – Open, Inclusive and Trusted
BMC Medical Genetics is part of the BMC series which publishes subject-specific journals focused on the needs of individual research communities across all areas of biology and medicine. We do not make editorial decisions on the basis of the interest of a study or its likely impact. Studies must be scientifically valid; for research articles this includes a scientifically sound research question, the use of suitable methods and analysis, and following community-agreed standards relevant to the research field.
Specific criteria for other article types can be found in the submission guidelines.

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Broad scope journal covering basic research and clinical genetics
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