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CDC - Cancer Survivorship Feature: Improving Health and Quality of Life After Cancer

CDC - Cancer Survivorship Feature: Improving Health and Quality of Life After Cancer

Survivor Stories

Photo of Amy
Cervical cancer survivor Amy is “on a mission to help end this detectable and preventable disease.”
Photo of Robert
“I never would have found it early if I hadn’t been screened,” says colon cancer survivor Robert.
Photo of Brittany
“I am a strong believer that early diagnosis saved my life,” says Brittany, a vulvar cancer survivor.
Photo of Lewis and his dog
After Lewis was diagnosed with throat cancer, he and his wife Amy started a support group for people with head and neck cancers.
Photo of Gary
An illness caught Gary off guard, and the test results found something he never expected: liver cancer.
Photo of Kristina
Cervical cancer survivor Kristina says, “I had the chance to prevent my cancer. Please don’t miss your chance.”
Photo of lung cancer survivor Jackie Archer
A non-smoker shares her story about being diagnosed with lung cancer in this podcast.
Photo of Doctor Travis Kidner
“There I was at age 36 with two small children and a potentially deadly cancer,” says skin cancer surgeon and survivor Dr. Travis Kidner.
Photo of Traci Ramirez
“My diagnosis has given me a greater appreciation for life,” says breast cancer survivor Traci Ramirez in this blog post.
Photo of George Hilliard
In this blog post, George Hilliard shares his “prescription” for surviving prostate and other cancers.
Pam Bryant wearing a hat.
Diagnosed at age 43, Pam fought breast cancer with everything she had. Read her story in this blog post.
A photo of Sharon McKenna enjoying a sunny day“I learned the hard way: a tan is not a sign of health,” writes melanoma survivor Sharon McKenna.

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