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An older adult's guide to exercising in cold weather


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An older adult's guide to exercising in cold weather

You've grabbed a hooded jacket, and you're ready for a brisk walk in the great outdoors. But is that enough to keep you safe in cooler temperatures? An outdoor exercise routine at this time of year brings unique risks and benefits. You need a little planning and preparation to keep exercising outside in the weeks or months to come.
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Cardio Exercise
This Special Health Report will help you find the perfect cardio routine—whether you are just beginning, need to freshen up a routine, or are ready to take your cardio workouts to the next level. For beginners or people with conditions that limit their mobility, there are three options to start with: a Basic Cardio, Beginner's Walking, and a Pool Workout. If you’re looking to add some variety to an existing cardio routine, try our Cardio Dance or Kickboxing Workout. If you’ve been doing cardio exercise and want to challenge yourself, try our Interval Walking Workout or Step Workout. When you’re ready to move on, a Special Section will help you design your own program. No matter what form of cardio you do, you’ll be healthier.

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Cardio Exercise


Cardio Exercise

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