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Discover the secrets to better mental focus and concentration

Harvard Health Publishing

The 7 secrets to supercharging your powers of concentration — at any age!

Learn how to banish attention-diverting distractions and maintain lasting, laser-sharp mental focus!

Improving Concentration and Focus
In Improving Concentration and Focus you’ll discover…
All about attention
Your brain: The inside story
Barriers to focus
Tips for better focus
Conquering distractions and finding focus
And more from the experts at Harvard Medical School, America’s #1 medical school for research as ranked by U.S. News and World Report.
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The dog barks. Someone turns on the TV. Your neighbor starts his lawnmower. Your cellphone buzzes. Your computer beeps. And you lose your concentration — again.
Focus is disrupted. Thoughts interrupted. Distractions hijack our attention and scuttle our best intentions. You don’t have to let them!
This Harvard Medical School Guide will show you how to sideline distractions and sustain your focus, enhance your memory and cement attention.
Keep your train of thought securely on track!
When your mind wanders, you know how hard it can often be to remember where you left off and what you were thinking.
This downloadable guide exposes the barriers to focus. You’ll find how to keep distractions at arm’s length and bolster your brain’s agility, resiliency, and ability to recall information and retain thought.
You’ll tap your mind’s strengths and energy!
In this instructive guide, Harvard Medical School doctors share the keys to fortifying your brain’s good health and fostering its facility for concentration.
The report addresses four focus-hindering factors you can control. You’ll discover why multi-tasking can actually erode memory skills. You’ll find how to give your brain essential “downtime.” And you’ll learn the one thing you can do right now to improve cognitive function and speed.
Reading that will reward — and reinforce — your attention!
You can keep your mind on what matters. The guide offers practical, proven, commonsense strategies to recapture your concentration and maintain your brain’s alertness and fitness.
You’ll tune up your ability to tune out distractions. You’ll discover the ingredients of a brain-healthy diet. You’ll learn how to assure a restorative night’s sleep...two surprisingly easy ways to offset age-related brain changes...and much more.
Don’t wait. Send for your copy of this informative and empowering guide today!
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To your health,
Howard E. LeWine, M.D.
Chief Medical Editor, Harvard Health Publishing

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