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BMC Medicine attends Cancer Immunotherapy Keystone Symposia - On Medicine

BMC Medicine attends Cancer Immunotherapy Keystone Symposia - On Medicine

Anna Lopez

Anna completed her PhD in Cell and Developmental Biology at King’s College London where she studied cellular mechanisms of neural crest migration using mice as the model organism. She joined BMC Medicine in early 2018. Her main areas of interest are Oncology, Precision Medicine and Neurology.

BMC Medicine attends Cancer Immunotherapy Keystone Symposia

Associate Editor at BMC MedicineAnna Lopez, recently attended the Cancer Immunotherapy: Mechanistic Insights to Improve Clinical Benefit Keystone Symposia in beautiful Whistler, Canada. Here she reports on the exciting developments in cancer immunotherapy shared at the event.
This year, the Cancer Immunotherapy Keystone Symposia, was organized by four female scientific organizers of outstanding relevance in this field. Padmanee Sharma who uses a reverse translational approach to understand the resistance mechanisms to immunotherapy; Aviv Regev who investigates the biology of non- respondent patients by using a single cell approach; Crystal L. Mackall whose works focuses on enhancing the efficacy of CAR-T cells therapies and Kristen Hege who works in a range of novel therapies such as CAR-T cells, cancer vaccines and oncolytic viruses.

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