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World Bipolar Day - Controversies in bipolar disorder - On Medicine

World Bipolar Day - Controversies in bipolar disorder - On Medicine

Professor Michael Bauer

Professor Michael Bauer is Editor-in-Chief of International Journal of Bipolar Disorders and Director and Executive Chair of the Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy of the Technical University of Dresden, and head physician of the Carl Gustav Carus University Hospital. He has been treating and studying bipolar disorders for 27 years.

World Bipolar Day – Controversies in bipolar disorder

International Journal of Bipolar Disorders (IJBD) is again proud to support World Bipolar Day, and is publishing a thematic series on "Controversies in bipolar disorder".
Bipolar disorder is a severe brain disorder that causes abnormal strong shifts in mood, activity levels and energy, and causes severe stress to patients and their caregivers. The life expectancy of patients with bipolar disorder is reduced by about 10 years, likely due to medical comorbidity, high suicide rates and adverse lifestyles. The burden of the disorder constitutes a major health economic challenge for societies: according to the most recent WHO global burden of disease study, bipolar disorders rank within the top 20 causes of disability among all medical conditions worldwide, and rank 6th among the mental disorders.

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