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MercatorNet: Me before you. The ethics of ransoms || MercatorNet


Described as "a rom-com with brains", the British fiilm Me Before You tries to turn assisted suicide into comedy. But instead it has ignited protests from activists who say that it projects a distorted image of life with a disability.But the fact is that people can adjust even to disabilities as severe as quadriplegia and live rich, cheerful and fulfilling lives.  Xavier Symons explains the controversy below.

Michael Cook 

Me Before You: life, disability and ‘inspiration porn’
Xavier Symons | FEATURES | 15 June 2016
The British rom-com wraps a poison pill in sparkly cellophane.
Is it ethical to pay ransoms?
Margaret Somerville | FEATURES | 15 June 2016
Two Canadian men have been beheaded after the government refused to pay ransoms to Filipino terrorists.
Qatar’s migrant worker population is massive
Marcus Roberts | DEMOGRAPHY IS DESTINY | 15 June 2016
And live in terrible conditions.
This Brexit leader thinks the UK’s track record on abortion is a good reason to leave the EU
Daniel Blackman | FEATURES | 15 June 2016
Here’s why she’s wrong
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