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Mayo de 2016 


Which should decide when a foetal abnormality, as SD, is diagnosed in a surrogate mother, herself or the contracting mother?

Who decides what to do when a foetal abnormality is diagnosed; surrogate mother or contacting parents?

The “professional model” defends the right of the surrogate mother to decide to have or not an abortion. Pregnancy in a woman other than the biological… Read more.
Latest discovery helps to understand the amazing fertilisation process

Latest discovery helps to understand the amazing fertilisation process

The knowledge of the chemical structures that govern the fertilisation process — opens up new possibilities for intervention, with as yet unknown consequences. A recent article presents new findings on the mechanism by which the sperm and egg can mutually recognise each other during… Read more.


Who is providing assisted suicide, physicians or activists?the apparent aim of respecting the wishes of patients mark the beginning of a “slippery slope”..

A new step to facilitate, even more, assisted suicide in the Netherlands

Who is providing assisted suicide or euthanasia, physicians or activists? Not all assisted suicide requests are granted by physicians, with rates… Read more.
This study represents a new milestone in Synthetic Biology, which combines engineering and biology to obtain living beings with new characteristics

Engineering and biology combined to create a minimal genome

An article by Craig Venter and his team was published in Science, in which they described how they obtained an organism with the smallest genome of any known form of cell life. Furthermore… Read more.
Diálogo materno-fetal

Use of organs from babies born with lethal malformation for transplants. An ethical approach

The British National Health Service is encouraging pregnant women whose unborn child has some sort of lethal malformation… Read more.


Children for sale. Women and young teenage girls are voluntarily or forcefully impregnated and kept illegally until their babies are born and then sold

“Baby factories” providing children for sale in Nigeria

These “baby factories” refer to buildings where encourage young girls or women to give birth to children for sale on the black market, often to infertile couples, singles, homosexuals or to organ trafficking rings… Read more.
A new step in the search for the causes of female infertility. The discovery of alterations in the gene which altered interrupts oocyte maturation.

Discovery of alterations in a gene which when altered causes infertility

Approximately 15% of couples suffer from infertility. This may due to either a male or female factor. A new step has now been taken in the search for the causes of it, with the discovery of alterations in the gene which when altered, interrupts oocyte maturation… Read more.
Field study showed that the percentage of women aged between 15 and 44 years old who attending assisted reproduction increases

Number of women attending assisted reproduction clinics increased

The number of women aged between 15 and 44 years old who attend infertility clinics has increased during this time period, but the number of births following assisted reproduction… Read more.
Womb transplants about possible psychological problems in the uterine recipients and their partners one year after the transplant

The psychological effects of womb transplants are evaluated

As we previously reported, the first child has been born following womb transplants (Lancet 385; 607-616, 2015). The first clinical trial on uterus transplants commenced in 2013, and included nine women. Of the 9 transplants, the wombs … Read more.
The law restricted the options to abort prohibiting certain abortion pills RU-486 and misoprostol leading pills to induce abortion

Progress in favour of life. Oklahoma restricts abortion pills

On 23rd February 2016, Oklahoma Supreme Court in the United States backed the validity of the law that established stricter regulation. In 2014, the Oklahoma Legislature passed law H.B. 2684 banning the use… Read more.
Embrión humano, un reciente estudio arroja luces sobre la importancia de la relación

Relationship with its mother during pregnacy conditions its subsequent emotional responses

A recent study has found that the type of relationship that a child has with its mother during her pregnancy (foetal development), and with its family during the first year of life, conditions… Read more.
If the Assisted Dying Bill was passed it would apply to terminally ill patients in England and Wales. The website BMA, “opposes all forms of assisted dying

Assisted dying bill. The British Medical Association opposes it

If the Assisted Dying Bill was passed it would apply to terminally ill patients in England and Wales. The website of the British Medical Association (BMA) states … Read more.
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