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Register your study with ISRCTN today!

Register your study with ISRCTN today!

Registration of clinical trials and other studies is the first step towards transparency and the future dissemination of research outcomes.
An increasing number of journals, including BMC Infectious Diseases, require registration before publication of the protocol and/or the results. The ICMJE also state that trials that begin enrolling from 2019 must include a data sharing statement in the study registration.
The ISRCTN registry, administered by BioMed Central and recognised by the WHO and ICMJE, accepts all study designs involving human subjects, whether interventional or observational, proposed, ongoing or completed. You have free access to over 16,000 records, with over 4,000 plain English summaries.

Why register with ISRCTN? You can:
Register any study design at any time – we accept prospective and retrospective registration
Benefit from editorial help – expert editors will advise you and update your study at key milestones
Bring your research to a wider audience – records include plain English summaries and appear on the WHO and UKCTG portal
Share all aspects of your study – records can include data sharing statements and basic results

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