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Of the dozens of articles I have read this year about Donald Trump – and there have been some excellent ones – none, I think, is more telling than today’s Public Discourse article by Caitlin La Ruffa and Hilary Towers. Caitlin, a young wife and mother who runs the Love and Fidelity Network (America’s pro-marriage university movement) and Hilary, mother of five and a psychologist, challenge the presidential campaigner where, arguably, he is weakest: on the fundamental importance of stable marriage to a flourishing nation.
Their open letter is a tour de force. It’s polite but full of conviction as well as home truths for Trump and others who want to see America “great again”, including some of his angry followers and the odd ex-president. It surveys the fragile state of marriage in the US (as elsewhere) and the trends that have undermined it, but it also finds grounds for hope in the younger generation who have rallied to initiatives like Love and Fidelity – an organisation Trump once mocked. Great work, ladies! Yours is a message for the world, not just America.
Captain America fans will be interested in Rick Williams’ review of Marvel’s Captain America:  Steve Rogers #1 – but, be warned, there are major spoilers. It seems Marvel might be the biggest spoilers of all…
Monday is the anniversary of the death by burning at the stake of the heroic (Saint) Joan of Arc – not one that we would normally observe, but we couldn’t resist a lovely tribute to her from Campbell Markham, a Presbyterian minister from Australia.

Carolyn Moynihan
Deputy Editor,

Make America great again? Start with marriage, Mr Trump
Hilary Towers and Caitlin La Ruffa | FEATURES | 27 May 2016
Our nation needs stable, intact marriages.
Captain Counterfeit: Marvel’s riskiest retcon ever
Rick D. Williams | POPCORN | 27 May 2016
Marvel Comics betrays its most honourable hero.
Italy’s attempt to avert a demographic ‘apocalypse’
Marcus Roberts | DEMOGRAPHY IS DESTINY | 27 May 2016
Double the baby bonus!
The courage of Joan of Arc
Campbell Markham | ABOVE | 27 May 2016
A tribute to the Maid of Orleans for the anniversary of her death.
Boy’s unusual power makes him the object of political struggle
Jane Fagan | READING MATTERS | 27 May 2016
Archie's parents want to have their cake and eat it, too.
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