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CDC Launches Updated Cancer Survivorship Site

CDC - Cancer Survivorship

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In recognition of Cancer Survivorship Month, CDC launched a completely updated Cancer Survivorship Web site on June 1.
Nearly 14 million Americans who have been diagnosed with cancer are living in the United States. Although the rate of people who get cancer is going down, the overall number of people who have cancer is going up. The number of people who are 65 years old or older is expected to grow to 71 million by 2030—twice the number of people in this age group as compared to 2000. People also are living longer after being told they have cancer, due to improvements in finding cancer early and better cancer treatments.
Cancer survivors often face many challenges as a result of their cancer diagnosis and treatment. Come visit the new site, which explains how public health professionals at CDC and other agencies are working to address the needs of cancer survivors and the survivorship community.

CDC’s Latest Research

Featured Resources

Photo of George Hilliard
In this blog post, George Hilliard shares his “prescription” for surviving prostate and other cancers.

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Share these graphics on social media to invite others to learn about cancer survivorship.

Learn About CDC’s Survivorship Work

CDC works with public, non-profit, and private partners to create and implement strategies to help the millions of people who are living with, through, and beyond cancer.

Additional Resources

As the number of cancer survivors continues to grow, CDC is working to address survivors’ needs by making cancer survivorship a public health priority.

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